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About Myth of the Zodiacs

I'm looking for voice actors that will be featured in my new Gacha Life original series that will be uploaded onto my youtube channel Gacha_Star Studios


This is about the children of the zodiacs that go on a mission to save their world from destruction. While others help keep everyone safe in their home.

Story Plot

In a world where humans are split up into groups in the clouds, Zodiacs look over those different groups to create a balanced universe. But one day a Revolution was about a group of humans who went to the Zodiac World and stole the heart. During the series, we will look like the children of these zodiacs that help to find and restore the heart of the zodiac world. 

(This is inspired by potato duck Studios old deleted series The Zodiacs just not the same thing)

 Important things to know before auditioning 

  • This will be a long project expecting to reach about 6 episodes at least maybe even more. 
  • You'll be given a new script probably every week so you MUST be ready to hand in your lines by the deadline ( one week )
  • Have a good quality microphone, I don't want to hear any background noises and no muffling noises, make sure your audio is clean and clear.
  • You need to have discord, so please leave it below so I can contact you easier. 
  • Not all characters will have lines in every episode ( mainly extras ) but I may need you again in future episodes (if I don't I'll let you know). Some main characters don't show up until future episodes as well.
  • You can audition for multiple roles
  • if you get a minor character and the episode is done, please be able to keep in contact as your character may be back in another episode
  • If I like your voice, I may ask you to audition for another character


Alright so unfortunately this is not a payed series. However in the beginning of each episode I will be showing the main voice actors names and in the outro I will be showing all the actors who voiced in that episode. In the description of the video I will have links to the voice actors sites ( their choice ).

 Thank you everyone and good luck 

P.S. I tried to look ahead to get all the characters but I might add more roles so be sure to be ready if more are posted.

P.P.S I just change it a little sorry

About the Creator: Flowvn07

hi I'm Nat I really hope whoever is looking at this has a great day :) My audience is very very small but I'm hoping I can make videos that people will enjoy.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold