Lily Dain

Lily Dain

I make films and TV shows.

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About Lily Dain

Basic Information: Hello, My Name is Lily. I have a youtube channel called GoatLilyStudios. I mainly sing, voice act, script write, produce and direct. I promise that I will try my very hardest in any project or audition I take part in and that I will give the best performance I possibly can. (They/Them :))

Other Skills: 

  • Video editing

  • Basic photoshop

  • Music composing/lyric writing (I'm working on it)

  • Judging intensely

  • Hosting

  • Bad rap

  • Making TV shows with stuffed animals (check my portfolio for the context)

  • Extremely hyperfixating on Ninjago.

Things I won't do: Most NSFW and hate of any type.

Social Links: GoatLilyStudiosYT

Portfolio: Lily's Portfolio

Discord: lilytheyoutubeidiot

What Lily Dain is looking for

I mainly want to work in Minecraft Roleplay's, comic dubs, Gacha and anything animation related, however I will accept recommendations and will be happy trying out other things.

  • @kawaiitimeva

    I highly recommend Lily! She's amazing! She's one of the best directors, and fellow VA I've ever worked with her! She'll do everything she can to help everyone. She's amazing! Thank you Lily! You're amazing!

  • @austineagle95

    Her voice is so good and when I get a new roleplay started I'm so going to ask her to be part of it

  • @skyfire

    I provided work for this talented voice actor and I couldnt have been more satisfied. She had a very great voice, she gets into the character and she has fun with her lines! She was very efficient and good with all her lines. Weather its a serious or fun role, she can do it. In conclusion, I completely recommend LilyTheGoatKing. Thank you so much as well!

  • @tune_up_

    LilyTheGoatKing is incredible. Lily, who is now working with me as the script writing manager on The Oracles, has been a tremendous help and source of excellent ideas. Making this series live up to its full potential while remaining faithful to its essence. Lily is a cooperative manager, responsive, honest, and enthusiastic character who takes the time to get to know not just me, but also the others she works with. During a few conversations, we were able to create a somewhat different, yet distinct concept for our series. While creating characters who are not only amusing but also vital to the plot, the story is given flavor, color, and feeling. I would definitely call her for future projects; she is a wonderful individual who I highly recommend.