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    About My Little Pony: Descendants

    This audio drama is based on my story, My LIttle Descendants (Found here:, which is a parody of Disney's Descendants in an alternate My Little Pony universe. If you have any questions, you can let me know in the comments or email me at [redacted].

                                                                Story Synopsis                                                                    


    Nearly twenty years ago, Equestria's most infamous villains were rounded up and banished to an island smack in the middle of  the Eastern Sea, halfway between the Equestrian Continent and the Griffin Empire. While the citizens of Equestria lived in the lap of luxury, the ponies of the Isle survived in poverty and eternal famine.

    Now, four foals of the Isle are chosen to return to Equestria, and are given a shot at a normal life. Their parents, however, see it as a chance to escape and get their revenge. Now these children have a choice to make. Will they prove themselves to their parents as the baddest of the bad, or will they abandon everything they've ever known for the sake of writing their own stories?


    All you have to do really is send me a picture from a scene in the story, with the name you want to be credited as, and if you have it, a link to where people can find you, such as a blog, DeviantArt, YouTube, or anything else.. And, as there will be scenes that will be different than, and scenes that are not in the story, you will also be receiving a script. You can send it to [redacted]. Any and all art can, and probably will, be used. For character design, please refer to the voice actor info. Please note that although her picture portrays her as a Pegasus, Nova is a Unicorn. For Lollypop and Nyx's designs, go to my deviantart:

    Please email me if you're interested! Some people have already told me what scene they're doing! I'm saying this to avoid more than one picture of the same moment of the scene!



    What I’m looking for here is background music, and instrumentals for the songs we’ll be doing. Background music I’m not as worried about because I can use Kevin MacLeod or YouTube music, but it would be really cool to have some original pieces. Instrumentals I am really hoping to get because they’re less likely to result copyright strike if they’re recorded covers, but if worse comes to worst, I can use a karaoke version.


    If you want to contribute background music, please send the .mp3 or .WAV file to [redacted] labeled with the story acronym, the word ‘background’ along with the feeling of the piece (EX. Dramatic), the name of the song, and the name you’d like to be credited as.

    EX. MLD_background_dramatic_RunningForrest_User546


    If you want to contribute instrumentals (I’ll be needing every song from the movie excluding the score suite, ‘Believe’, and the remix of ‘Be Our Guest’), please send the .mp3 or .WAV  file to [redacted] labeled with the story acronym, the name of the song, and the name you want to be credited as.

    EX. MLD_RottenToTheCore_User546


    I will NOT except video files for either background music or instrumentals.


                                                                    Voice Actors                                                                   

    This is probably the most important part. Sorry to those of you who wanted to voice Nyx and/or Lollypop Swirl. I’ll be playing Nyx, and my friend Lola, who has designed most of the characters, is voicing Lolly. But, there still are a bunch of characters that need to be cast! Right now, I’m only casting characters that will be introduced in the 1-4 chapters/episodes. Anyone else will be cast as they are needed. Also, keep in mind that there are characters who appear in the first few episodes that will not be seen again until way later. Also, this is not the only place I'm doing a casting call, so some roles may go to off-site auditioners.


    There is no limit to how many characters you can audition for. If you audition for a cannon character, know that I’m not looking for an impressionist, I’m looking for actors. Try and get as close to the cannon voice as possible, while still conveying the emotion. If you're auditioning for an OC, go wild! For both types of auditions, feel free to experiment with lines (nothing over a PG rating), and take a few moments to get into character if you need to! Keep in mind that certain characters will be singing at some point in this series, and I have included links to songs I’d like you to sing in your audition. It’s not necessary to sing the whole song. Also, take some time to memorize the part you’ll sing, and please sing a Capella (no music). Please try and get as little background noise as possible.

    I will NOT except video auditions, but if you have a YouTube channel, feel free to upload your audition for your subscribers! Once casting is done, I’ll email the people who got roles, and post a cast list here, and on my YouTube channel.


    Also, if you’re auditioning for Chrysalis or Larva and you happen to know how to do the Changeling echo effect, have an edited version of the lines after the original. Do the same thing for ONLY the last sample line for Lady Bug. If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry about it.


    Auditions will be accepted until 1:00pm Eastern on Saturday, January 30th. I will let you guys know if the deadline gets pushed back

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold