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Ania Da Peasant's Previously Completed Works

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About Metro PD:Close to you (Fandub Visual Novel)

“You're a rookie detective, and you've got a new case. You're tracking down dangerous criminals with your experienced partner, but what's waiting for you after the danger's over? Is it just case closed? Or could this be the beginning of life-changing romance?”

—Story summary, Voltage Official Website

Metro PD:Close to you is a visual novel/ game where you play as a detective who worlds with a bunch of male detectives where you can make the choice of who you fall in love with.

This game was originally Japanese but was translated into English however not with English vocals which is why I created this. This is a very underrated game and for what its worth its a very funny, emotional and beautifully draw and written.

Our form of communication shall be a discord group for this project. If you can't be online at least once every 3/4 days then please consider not auditioning

The intended product shall be a voiced version of the prologue to this game which will be around 20-30 minutes. I'm aiming to get this done by the 15th of July.

Please also at least have a good quality mic since we are voice acting a game

I highly recommend playing the prologue before you audition so you can understand the characters better:

App Shop: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/metro-pd-close-to-you/id823550135?mt=8
Google Play:

About the Creator: Ania da Peasant

Hey! My name is Ania and I'm a voice actress/youtuber/director/college student.

I own two channels! The first one is my undertale VA channel

My second one is my one for fun!

Undertale Peasant:


Ania da Peasant:



Basic Info:

DOB: February 7th 2001

Gender: Female

Location: Australia


Alright, when you first come up to me you’d see me as a shy and socially awkward person but once you gain my trust I’m a fun, random, sarcastic, cheerful, pessimistic, pun/joke making, kinda racist, curious tsundere whose also an Australian mate.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold