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    About Masamune-kun no Abridged

    Hello everyone! This is going to be an abridged series of the harem anime Masamune-kun no Revenge. Keep in mind that this is just for fun and will be uploaded on Youtube as a parody. It is a non profit and fan based parody.

    Have a question? Contact me!

    Email: rokuhkami @ gmail.com
    Twitter: @taestyguk
    I will send your lines through Twitter or Email!

    I'm in need of people who can voice the characters.

    This casting call is open for everyone! You will not need any past experience to be chosen, though I require that you must know what you are doing and have seen/heard a dub before. I will not pick an actor who expresses their emotion in words as cold as a stone unless I tell them to or if it is a part of the role.

    And I do have some rules.
    - Please, have little to no background noise when you record your line or audition. This is meant to be a fun, abridged parody of the anime but I would like to serve this in the highest quality possible. You do not have to be a professional voice actor/actress.

    - I can not stress this enough, please have a decent mic. It does not have to be a mic that you have to spend 100 bucks on, but rather a good mic. I find it quite hard to work with audio editing when the audio is too low or too high so it muffles the sound.

    -Swearing. Most of the characters will swear or yell. If you're not okay with swearing, either contact me or choose a role that doesn't. But I recommend that you don't audition if you're not okay with it. Cause this series will have a lot of it.

    -Have fun! Don't expect this to come out perfectly, since this is my first project.

    Anyways, thanks for auditioning! Do not be afraid of trying, at least give it a shot! This is my first project- but I am not new to video editing so I'll try my best! Go easy on me, haha.

    Information about the whole thing:

    Q: But Nikki, when do you actually plan on casting a role to someone?

    A: Alright alright alright, I will cast a role to the person who has the most fitting voice for the character all on April 1st. Not only one role but multiple roles to multiple people.

    Q: And when will this abridged thingy finish?

    A: Somewhere in 2017 hopefully (good lord I hope this doesn't flop), I have to finish writing but I will be hoping to release one episode every month,
    giving the actors about 10-20 days to record their lines.

    Q: When will we get our lines?

    A: I am really taking this first project of mine seriously so I will work hard to finish writing and to give the lines out every 10th of the next coming months.

    Q: How much time do the voice actors have to record their lines?

    A: 10-20 days, probably.

    Q: How many episodes does this Abridged series have?


    Me to me: Please let there be 12 please let there be 12.

    Also me to me: nope you're too lazy stop
    I will be trying my best to complete this series with 12 episodes.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold