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 Mad Dog City follows 17 year old runway Akira, who dreams of being free and seeing the world. However, reality is harsh and he ends up broke and alone in a big city. After being saved by a gang leader he becomes involved in one of the biggest gang wars in history. Aki learns the hard way that finding true love and one's self isn't as easy as it seems, especially when you're keeping a big secret of your own.


Hey guys! Mad Dog City is a Sims 4 series that will be entirely created in Blender. It's going to have 10-12 episodes at around 15 minutes each. I only plan on making one season of this show so please bear with me for only a couple of months. This series is a yaoi series that will have mild nudity, but I'll never show a full blown you know..., profanity, and dark undertones. If you are not comfortable with this then please don't audition. 


  • Please make deadlines! I can't film certain scenes until I receive lines since I plan on lip syncing animations. I will give people TWO WEEKS to send in lines so you should have enough time but if for whatever reason you can't please message me so I can adjust accordingly. 
  • Speak clearly/loud enough with good audio quality. I need to be able to hear exactly what you're saying without having to strain my ears with your TV noise in the background.
  • Be able to act with a ride range of emotions (happy,sad,angry,annoyed, etc.). Some scenes get very intense emotionally so being able to express them is important.
  • Record lines with 2-3 takes. It gives me a lot more variety to choose from.
  • Be comfortable swearing. It comes up a lot.
  •  Upload files in .mp3 or .wav format. Please don't send me a .rar or .zip file that I have to extract. 
  • Ad-libbing is fine as long as the context isn't changed. Putting in your own flavor is highly encouraged, but don't derive from the context of what is said. 
  • Ask questions. I try to send scripts as detailed and understanding as possible but I can occasionally make mistakes. If you don't understand something don't hesitate to contact me about it. :)
  • Be committed. This series is going to take a few months to produce and whatnot. I'm also a college student so I do have school work on top of this but I am committed to finishing this series and I expect you to be too.  


A majority of contact will be through Discord. I will create a server strictly for this project and that is how I will send scripts, updates, etc. If for whatever reason you need to email me you can do that as well, but I'd prefer if you just dm me on Discord. 


Please feel free to audition for more than one role! I will also be casting extras so even if you don't get a part it is highly likely I will cast you as an extra. 

About the Creator: simplistixstudios

Hey guys! My name is Gwenyth and I'm the creator of Simplistix Studios. I'm a college student majoring in Game Design with a love for creating animated stories and building 3D models. 

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