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Shade Productions's Previously Completed Works

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    About Loser Club: Teacher Auditions

    cartoon, comedy, drama

    Image will be updated to a better image, this is an old drawing of the cover for Loser Club

    WARNING: Contains foul language!

    Loser Club is a MAJOR project Shade Productions is proud of and will be a project where the acting personel will be paid, but for now, since we have no money, we'll be having this be free project until we can make money off of Loser Club, which you'll be paid hopefully by the end of season 1, beginning of 2, or end of two, we won't have you wait no longer than that. There will be other Loser club series made after and/or during this project, such as:

    Loser Club in Pre-School (short series)

    Loser Club Prequel Movie: Middle School Days

    Loser Club: Going into College (series)

    Loser Club Movie 1 Field Trip to Japan

    Loser Club Movie 2 Summer Vacation

    Loser Club Christmas Special (short Film)

    Loser Club Halloween (Short Film)

    Loser Club Movie 3 Senior Year!

    Loser Club Final Movie: Welcome to Adulthood

    And possibly more. But those are different projects for another time. 

    Loser Club is about a club in Hail High School, (otherwise known as Hell High School), this club is called... can you guess?... WRONG! It's Loser Club, not guitar club, what the hell is wrong with you? This club has your typical school reject who is disliked by everyone for no reason whatsoever, the only perv in the school, the only stoner in the school (everyone in the loser club does, but not as often or as much as she does), The only goth in the school (NOT EMO!), only foriegn exchange student who knows nothing about the english language, the only nerd in the school, and a new kid who doesn't know what to expect!

    Loser club uses stereotype jokes often and is also about the typical high school life for anyone. This show loves to break the fourth wall and even use cartoon logic for many things.

    New characters get introduced at half way marks, season finales, and/or new seasons, to introduce more members to the Loser Club to make it grow.

    Check out all updates for the characters with their updated drawings at http://shade-productions.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Parker_Sims51/Loser_Club!

    The auditions for most of the students are taken, but auditions for teachers are still open and these are some... interesting teachers... to say the least, but don't worry, each teacher has their own form of comedy

    About the Creator: shade productions

    The comic for Loser Club is finally being perfected and will be available for all eyes to see! Release date for the first issue: 2/20/17

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold