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About Life's Forfeit


Life's Forfeit is a 2D RPG powered by the RPG Maker MV Engine!

Shirley has been invited by her friends to play a fun and challenging escape room!

But it is not as simple as that. Her friends have unknowingly agreed to a death game!

Their first "game" has them in a dilemma. One person must grab the key in the middle of the room to free the others, but whoever takes up the role will die!

Can these five friends live through Joyful's Escape Room and capture the ghoul who has abducted them?


For a long time, magic users and races such as the Orcs and Elves have remained in hiding in fear of what the majority may think of them. That hasn't changed until one day, a few brave warriors revealed themselves.  A boy named Yuuthan and his friends became known to the world as a type of magician called the Element Controllers. Since then,  courage and hope began to spread. Those in hiding have been brought to the light once more. And this solidified once Time Controller Enith Bloom briefly led the modern era in a war against the Past and the Future, revealing what the world has been and what it will be.

But none of that has to do with Shirley and her friends. Though, it is thanks to those events that they get to be just a regular group of friends heading in a not so ordinary situation.


Shirley [Sure - Lee]

A young stoic woman whose interest is usually elsewhere. Despite this, she is generally chill and easy to get along with.

Radcliffe [Rad - Cliff]

The divine offspring whose destiny is to one day rid the world of all evil. However first he must learn how to cast the most basic Holy spells properly.

Antwortet [Ant - Vort - Et]

An elf who is, while quite easy to anger, very kindhearted and compassionate. She is a very swift and dexterous archer.

David [Day - Vid]

The most stuck up undead person you can meet. Or perhaps there is more heart in him than most realize? Or maybe he's just a sentient skeleton who likes attention.

Barin [Bear - Rin]

The eager orc who has an impressive amount of intelligence and strength. Her hobbies include but are not limited to reading and participating in fights.


~A quick and comical escape game of balanced difficulty!

~Many interactions, whether it be with Shirley's friends or just inspecting the surroundings!

~Can be finished in around 20-30 minutes!

~Multiple endings! Around 5.5 of them!

~A test of speed and observation skills!

~Many different game overs that have a chance to make you smile!

Audition Rules

~Use of Discord will be important!

~*New* We'll be spending a bit of time before recording to get to know each other, everyone as a group because it's how I role. If you're shy or anything like that, it's okay if you choose to abstain but it is encouraged~

~Of course a pretty good mic will be required!

~Payment will be given to you via Paypal after lines are received!

~Please be timely with deadlines before and after auditions!

~Lots of communication encouraged during and post casting process

~And of course lots of communication during line recording and after they are sent if you'd like!

~Any other questions, comments, or concerns can be asked to me !


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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold