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About [League of Legends Skins] PROJECT: SYNERGIZE {TRACE 1} (Group Casting Call)

PROJECT: is the perfect fusion of one’s supernatural essence with advanced weaponry and body augmentation. This linking of technology and energy allows extraordinary hosts to channel their essence into physical manifestations and, in rare cases, transcend the corporeal plane. Only subjects possessing extremely focused inner essence and exceptional physical attributes can unlock the true power of PROJECT.

"In order to become PROJECT you have to surrender your humanity. The technology takes over your soul."
― Lisa “Saiyaka” Thorn, Visual designer

Introducting the biggest Skin+ project yet; PROJECT: SYNERGIZE. Featuring seven new, updated voices for popular League of Legends characters Leona, Zed, Yasuo, Fiora, Ekko, Lucian, and Katarina. This project updates their current, dated voices with new voices that actually interact with each other in game, adding a whole new level of immersion and depth.

PROJECT skins are the fusion of soul and technology. The few that can manage to break free of PROJECT's vice-like grip on their minds join Ashe's group of freedom fighters, battling to free humanity from their robotic overlords.

Meet the PROJECT Team:
ASHE: Commander and leader of the rebels. Beautiful, confident, and powerful, Ashe cares for her soldiers as if they are her family.

YASUO: The newest member of Ashe's rebels, Yasuo's PROJECT conversion was flawed, giving him horrific flashbacks of something he can't quite remember...

YI: Yi freed Yasuo from his PROJECT chains, and is the oldest PROJECT soldier in the group. But he knows something about Yasuo he isn't quite ready to say...

LEONA: The solar soldier, Leona broke free to protect her friends and family. Although she was ultimately unsuccessful, Leona pledged her loyalty to Ashe as the rebellion's frontline shield bearer.

FIORA: The swordmistress, Fiora specializes in one-on-one duels with high-priority targets, and makes it a point to incorporate precise movements with her battle technique.

EKKO: The youngest member of PROJECT, Ekko is a prodigy hacker who uses his special connection with PROJECT energy to brute force or finesse his way through any fire wall or lock, as well as collect valuable information.

KATARINA: Katarina's the name, covert ops is the game. Deadly, fast, and a little too blood-crazy, Katarina can get in, assassinate many targets, and get out in the blink of an eye.

LUCIAN: Lucian lost his wife to the PROJECT conversion, and as such has taken up her weapon in conjunction with his to free the world in her name. Dual-wielding special hyper-kinetic pistols, Lucian is a walking artillery cannon.

ZED: Seeking to destroy Ashe and her rebels, Zed is brutal, malicious, and will not hesitate to slaughter many innocents if it means killing Ashe and bringing Yasuo back into the PROJECT fold.

Ashe and Yi are not available for audition because they are the only PROJECT skins with brand-new dialogue built just for them. This casting calls is to create installable voices for the other PROJECT skins to create a more immersive and complex world.

Some PROJECT skins will have more voice lines than others due to the amount of space occupying their data in the game. For example. Leona and Katarina have around 30 lines, while Ekko and Yasuo have around 70. As well as this, these new voice files will feature the characters talking to each other!

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