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    About Labyrinth: First audition for series of shorts

    Welcome to Labyrinth Retold!

    We are now casting voices for Sarah, Jareth, and Hoggle in a series of short videos as a follow-up to the 1986 movie Labyrinth.

    This is not a full-blown production. It is just for fun. And we are hoping to connect with others who want to share in the fun of making a new Labyrinth story.

    The series is not animated. We will be using live footage from the original movie. However, we are dubbing in a different story. So be sure you are confident in syncing your voice to live action.

    There will be no long hours, just a few lines of dialog per scene.

    The cast will receive $30 compensation (via Paypal), except for the singing vioces, which are not officially being cast at the moment. Payment will increase to a negotiable amount as more scenes are added to the production. Whether or not scenes are added later will depend on how well this project is received.


    In the new storyline, Sarah enters the Labyrinth to find her one, true love. Her obsession for fairy tales has led her to believe that within the maze she will find him. She first meets the Goblin King only after entering the labyrinth, but quickly comes to the conclusion that he has captured her true love. Whether or not he has, he plays along. Out of boredom or amusement, he becomes who she expects him to be: a villain, a trickster, a crooked monarch, contenting himself at the expense of others. But a problem arises when he grows fond of her. He then begins to wonder if he might become the very true love she is searching for.


    The new story is intended to be fun. And just like in the original movie, there will be elements that are meant to be funny. So don’t expect complete seriousness. It’s better to approach this with a light heart.

    We are ready with the first scene; we just need some voices. So, if you’d like to participate, submit your audition ASAP!

    Here are the basic guidelines:

    1. Good quality microphone (no background noise).

    2. Be confident that you can sync your voice to the actor in the scene.

    3. It’s going to be light work, but honor the deadlines or be ready to be replaced.

    4. The voices do not need to be dead-on; bring your own characterization.

    5. You may also audition as the singing voice of Sarah or Jareth. We will be producing a few songs for the series, but not immediately, so expect some delay before that part of the production begins. A singing audition can simply be a link to something you’ve done previously (such as on YouTube). But you may also sing a short verse of any song to show your range.

    6. We aren’t sure yet, but we think our ideal Sarah might have something of a southern accent.

    7. The ideal Hoggle audition will be able to provide at least two voice characterizations: one with close similarity to the Hoggle character, and another as you would interpret the character if you had never heard his voice.

    8. Please note: Even though we just need your voice, not your face, Skype still might be necessary if directing faceless voices becomes an issue.

    We look forward to hearing from many of you (and eventually working with some of you). Don’t hesitate to ask anything that might not be clear about the audition.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold