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    About Kagerou Daze Project [CLOSED FOR JUDGING]

    Okay, I need (er want) people for this thing.  Basically, it'll go like this.  A person for every character in Kagerou Daze/Mekakucity Actors to sing that character's theme or what not.  So that means we will need at least 13 or 14 people, as I will be including Azami, Tsukihiko, Shion/Ayaka, and Hiyori.

    I would like both male and female voices for this project please.

    We will do the following songs (for sure):

    Shinigami Record

    Jinzou Enemy

    Mekakushi Code

    Kagerou Days

    Headphone Actor

    Imagination Forest

    Mary no Kakuu Sekai

    Konoha no Sekai Jijou

    Kisaragi Attention

    Yobanashi Deceive

    Lost Time Memory

    Ayano no Koufuku Rion

    Outsukimi Recital

    Yuukei Yesterday

    Children's Record

    Outer Science

    Summertime Record

    Gunjou Rain

    Shounen Brave

    Toumei Answer



    Now I have it planned that we use mainly Jubyphonic's lyrics, as I find them to be smooth and easy to memorize, ha ha!  But if you have any suggestions or lyrics written to the songs, please let me know so we can get together and decide.

    Also, depending on the song, it could be a solo, duet, or group.  For example, I plan on having Shinigami Record, Azami's song, sung by two people, a duet.  While as Days will be sung just by the person choosen to sing Azami's part.

    There is something very special about this project, there will be NO SELF CASTING!  I will not choose to be someone I want to be just because I want to be.  I will have judges, who will remain anonymous unless they wish to be known.  Therefore, I will be entering and have the same chance as the rest of you all.

    The Top 3 people with the most likes on their audicitions will most likelyproceed to judges to be chosen.

    Here are the rules/requirements:

    1.  Do not be unkind to others on this.  If I even see a peep of negativity from someone, they will automatically disquallified.  (There is a difference from helpful critquing and being nasty.)

    2.  Anyone, and everyone can do this.  Just have a microphone and a voice editting program.  If you're afraid that your equipment isn't all that great, just remember we all start somewhere.

       3.  When recording, please enter a quiet room.  Background noise is distracting.  Music (from the song your audicening for) is recommened, but it's alright if you don't have any.

    4.  When audicening, please sing a song said character sings, which will be put in their description.  Sing at least 30 seconds of their song(s).

    5.  Please, have fun.  Be creative.

    6.  You will have one month to submit audiencens.  If you are replacing a previous audicene you made, please leave it under your first audicition.

    I may ask to work with you on your audition via Skype.  Just letting you know.

    If you have any questions at all, please private message me or contact me via skype at EvilKatBatGirl.  (I totally have to change that username...)

    Thank you.

    About the Creator: untold-melody

    I am a writer at heart.  I would like to try the occasional voice acting or singing though.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold