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About Ikki-Tousen & Tenjho Tenge HiSH Double Feature

Ladies & Gentlemen here is my Casting Call for the Visual Novel-Styled Video Adaptation of my fic...

How it Should Have Ended Ikki-Tousen Great Guardians

And the Audioplay Adaptation of my fic...

How it Should Have Began Tenjho Tenge

These fics are mostly light-hearten comedic takes on the two Panty Fighter Anime Franchises of the Mid-2000s. The basic Summaries for these are...

*Note= The HiSHE Ikki-Tousen fic does contain some slight spoilers to the Anime Series Ikki-Tousen Great Guardians.

(HiSHE Ikki-Tousen Great Guardians)
When Hakufu finds out from Chuubou that Koukin turns her down because of his feelings for Hakufu in which this gets Hakufu upset and majorly calls him out for his fixation on her. In which Hakufu flat-out rejects Koukin and even recalls an encounter she had with Kanu.

(HiSHB Tenjho Tenge)
While Soichiro Nagi & Bob Nakihara cause a brawl at Toudou Academy this fic is basically a "What If" namely what if Bob's openly Bi girlfriend Chiaki got significantly involved. While this did maintain a lot of things that actually happened in Episode 1 of the show when Masataka and Child Form Maya find Chiaki in the halls things get increasingly different from there.

Okay here are the rules/guidelines here *ahem*

* Impersonations are not required but feel free to pull them off if you can.
* Deadline is 6/18/19 though I may extend the deadline if necessary.
* If you are cast I may ask you to reprise for the role again sometime in the future.
* This is more of a suggestion but I do strongly recommend that if you audition that you should audition for at least more than one role. I admit I do try to keep the amount of auditioners who didn't get a role at all in any way to a minimum. So let’s just say it would help your chances.

And here is a pronounciation guide to help you all...

Koukin Shoyuu- Koh-Kin Show-you
Soichiro Nagi- Sew-E-Chee-Row Nah-Gi
Bob Nakihara- Bob Nah-Key-Ha-Rah
Masataka Takayanagi- Mah-Sah-Tah-Kah Tah-Kah-Yah-Naw-Gi
Hakufu Sonsaku- Hah-Kah-Fuu Sewn-Sah-Kuu
Chubou Sonken- Chew-Bo Sewn-Ken
Kanu Unchou- Kahn-oo Une-Cho
Goei Sonsaku- Goh-A Sewn-Sah-Kuu
Ryuubi Gentoku- Ree-You-Bay Gen-Toh-Kuu
Chiaki Kounoike- Chee-Ah-Kay Koh-Noy-Kay
Maya Natsume- My-yah Nat-Suu-May
Aya Natsume- I-yah Nat-Suu-May

And without further or adieu the characters!

Note: Both of these fics are from Eechi Anime franchises which is for anime shows that have a lot of fanservice in which these stories contain a significant amount of sexual content. Also like their respective shows both of these fics contain their share of Yuri (GirlXGirl) content. But that being said the most sexual acts in these stories are usually just girls flirting to making out with each-other any acts more intimate than that are usually more implied than anything else. So in other words yes both stories do contain a considerable amount of sexual content but it is not really graphic. Also the Tenjho Tenge story does contain a bit of occasional light profanity from Chiaki & Older Maya.

About the Creator: pokejedservo

Greetings folks I am Pokejedservo and I have been a member of the Amatuer Voice Acting Community for over 10 years (namely ever since July 2006). I have not only been a voice actor but also a VA production producer though while most of the productions I have made are Fandubs over the years I have recently got into the wonderful world of Audioplays as well (and trying to dabble into Visual Novels). Here is the list of the tasks that I can do for a VA production.

- Voice Acting
- Production Producer
- Script Writer (especially if I wrote the story)
- Audio Editor
- Audio Mixer
- Video Dubbing
- Making Dialogue Scenes via MS Paint. (I am not a FanArtist but I can use pre-existing character & background pics to make dialogue scenes, I'll use this as an example).

I have been a voice actor and audio/visual editor and the like for over a decade and I have been a writer for over 2 decades. I admit when it comes to Voice Work I have yet to be given a proper formal training in any way but I have had plenty of experience in many fields of the voice acting process over the years. You can find more about my work at the Pokejedservo Productions site.

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