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Striker Wolf's Previously Completed Works

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Hello, Welcome! This is my project, Howl! 
Now I already know the first thing your thinking, what this project is about. 

Centuries ago wolves lived together in peace. Prey was plentiful, predators never appeared, everyone got along well, and everything seemed just about perfect. Then, one day, a war broke out. The war went on for what seemed to be years. Sorrow, hate, anger, so many emotions were freed. Finally, when the war came to an end, the wolves of the forest split into six different packs based off their own mythical capabilities. The Pack of Thundering Paws, The Pack of Clamping Jaws, The Pack of Shimmering Moon, The Pack of Blazing Fire, and lastly, The Pack of Roaring Rivers. Territories were made and wolves were torn. Prey started becoming harder to find, and predators were everywhere. Things only continued to get worse, the fights. The fights were constant, wolves always fought, always injured or even died. Everything was completely switched around. It was the start of an agonized way of life.

Even now the packs still remain enemies. Whirling around, scared someone's behind you, ready to snap your neck, wasn't a normal way to live. The Gods of the Skies have been sending out wolves from each pack to climb to the dangerous Fang Mountain. Legends say that the mountain holds great power, power that belongs to only wolves who truly deserve it. Wolves who will use it to end this misery and pain. But, every time someone attempted to climb the mountain, they were never seen of again. This system has been going on ever since wolves were split into packs. Not even one wolf has ever came back alive.

That was just a small backstory of Howl. The script I have yet to finish, but first I thought maybe I should gather some voice actors and actresses so then we can have time to connect a bit, I want to be able to make some friends in the process of this project, so what better way then this? ^^

Ill be needing some voice actors and actresses who are committed. If you are not going to be commited, you can not audition! You cannot just drop out after being accepted! If you have some stuff going on here and there and you cant get recordings in, then thats fine. You just cannot drop out! This series will be episodes long, I plan on making at least 30, and then perhaps making a movie and continuing episodes to go along with that, we'll just see where we end up, I plan on being successful after all the hard time and work I put into this project, but you never know.

If you end up getting accepted, I'll be expecting you to get your recordings in by the middle of the month. If you cant get them in by then, we'll have to talk. If you have something going on, your excused. If you plan on auditioning, all I have to say is, you'll need to be a person who doesnt have much going on. I'll be needing your recordings in, and everyone else shouldnt have to wait for you.


1. You must have Discord

2. As said a million times before, you must be committed

3. This is a very big project, and with that I expect quality editing and effort into these recordings.

4. Get your lines on time!

5. You must have a mic or very very clean and clear audio


This series will be uploaded to youtube, so be prepared for that.

All recordings ignoring any of the rules will be ignored

I know im being quiet strict with this project, but I really want this to turn out well.

These may or may not be the actual lines in the script, even if they are, I will most likely have made some editing to the script after I find all my voice actors/actresses, and with that, I may need you do record some new lines, or repeat them again. These might be the first and only time you'll have to do this for the series, or it may not. Time will tell.

(Updated) Me and AntiValentine have recently decided to endorse projects. It would really help her out if you checked out her project The Third Eye. ^^ (Her project and all its info can be found here )

This series is based off an original fanfiction written by me. I plan on making this story into an animation with voice actors/actresses to go along with it. None of the voice actors/actresses will be paid for this casting, just something I decided to do for fun. ^^

If you have any questions at all, dont be afraid to PM me or contact me on my Discord RainbowNerds#8770

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold