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About Holiday Of Darkness- Visual Novel

Holiday of Darkness is about a group of college friends that travel to Rainy Retreat a small town for a holiday. However their holiday doesn’t go as planned. Little do they know there is an evil ghost/corrupted spirit haunting Rainy Retreat.


2-Please take 2 takes per line during the audition so I can get a better idea of your voice.

3- Must have discord or gmail/hotmail so I can send and receive lines.

4- Please be available! This is a movie so the whole thing will be finished so it isn't long long term.

5- Please give in your lines at least 3 days before the deadline, otherwise you I may have to recast. Otherwise let me know if you need more time before the deadline.

6- Please use emotion and do you best! I won't accept emotionless performances.

7- This is an unpaid project. However you will be credited and I will leave you a recommendation after you have completed your role. And of course I will send you the final product.

8-Very important PLEASE HAVE DECENT MIC QUALITY, I will not accept excessive background noise, static, and air. Also won't accept audio that is too low that I can hardly hear your voice with my computer on high volume.

9- I accept people 13 and over, however you must be okay with ghosts etc.

10- Have fun and enjoy. You are free to ask me any questions or concerns.

This is a serious project and 100% going forward.

Gore, blood and ghosts involved.

This is a visual novel, casting will most likely happen next year or on christmas.

Some character designs have been added but others will be added later once complete.

Lead roles are vital and important so you must have the time.

Other minor characters will be added later.

Who ever is voicing Amelia and Damian must have the same accent as they are relatives. So say if the voice actor I cast for Amelia has an American accent in-turn the voice actor that I cast for Damian must portray/use an American accent. All accents are welcomed for all characters it is just Damian and Amelia must have the same accent. Just keep in mind I will be casting those characters as an extra reason. But all accents are welcomed for both characters.

Once complete the visual novel will be put on to youtube and dailymotion and dailymotion. I will send you a link to the finished product.

Pronounce names

-Hay-mish (hamish)

-Day-me- an (damian)

-Zeera- (Zera)

-A-mee-lee-a (amelia)

-Troy- Tr-oy
-Emilie (Em- mil -lee)

-Kris- tee (kristy)

-Swe-er (like swear but Sweer) (Swer)

-No-ull (noel)


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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold