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About Harry Potter (HILARIOUSLY TERRIBLE) FanFic Audiobook for YouTube!

Hi, folks! Do you want to be in a fun, laid-back project? I'd recommend fully reading this section (or watching the above video) before auditioning - I'll try to keep it concise!

So... a decade ago, it was a favorite past-time of mine to write Harry Potter fanfiction. I was fourteen, and IT. WAS. TERRIBLE. Dialogue and actions were so out of character, lore didn't line up, I'd make up spells that weren't true to the universe, and I'd essentially just write in a character that was obviously myself simply to stick her with Ron Weasley and have them get together in extremely melodramatic ways. So you're probably wondering... why on EARTH would I make an audiobook of this garbage?

Well, I have a YouTube channel, and I think it would be a super fun idea to make an audiobook as a sort of "react" video to go up this May before my romance novel is published (which, if you're wondering about my credibility for such an undertaking after that first paragraph, I honestly don't blame you!).

This is purely for fun, and I want the opportunity to work with you.  I think this could be a blast for everyone involved. There are a few things to go over before we kick auditions into gear, however. Please note that it would be extremely convenient if you had Discord.

1.) The channel this video will be published on is: https://www.youtube.com/GianaLynnMusic 
2.) I will be playing Kindra, since I think it's fitting I play the melodramatic version of "me."
3.) If you do not have an English accent or cannot do an English accent convincingly, please do not audition.
4.) I cannot stress this enough... have a good microphone! Extremely little to no background noise, no super low volume, no sounding like you're underwater! My audio editing skills only go so far, and I tend to be a perfectionist.

5.) While this story is terrible and going to be hilarious, I want the lines read with the utmost sincerity.
6.) DON'T AUDITION IN A RUSH! I'm not going to cast this until the deadline. There are so many times I did a rushed audition that I wasn't fully happy with in the end because I saw the director was speed-casting before the deadline. Don't worry! Take your time! Have fun!

About the Creator: Anayume

Hi, I'm Anayume!

I'm a creative lady who's always up to something! I'm a singer-songwriter,  musician, actress, and writer. I spend most of my time these days streaming music on my DLive channel (dlive.tv/Anayume), whereon I'm a Verified Partner. Music is my main focus, but I've had a love and passion for acting for many years.

I also almost never check CCC, so the best place to get in touch with me is through Discord - Anayume#7449.

My music has been heard on WXPN in Philadelphia, and featured on Women of Substance Radio & Podcast, Radio Crystal Blue, Indie Castle, and RockLanOne, a Bill-board-tracked top internet radio station, and more.

Note: I know my demo reels are very out of date! Hopefully I can find the time soon to update them!

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold