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About Disney Kingdoms Figment (Season 2 casting)

Buenos Dias My friends, I am Alejo Patten
The Executive Producer, Exec. Dir, actor, writer… understand the point I am the guy who is in charge of this production. For years I have wanted to make a Disney related project. When I first came to the VA community I was surprised how hard it was to find family friendly comic dub content (especially Disney properties). So I have taken it upon myself to gather some awesome talent (you guys) and fill the waterhole in order to create something new.

Synopsis and Details

Jim Zub’s Figment 2 (Currently Untitled) picks up where the first season left off. Dreamfinder and Figment arrive in present-day at the Academy's new Florida campus, where they confront technology they do not understand and face the legacy they left behind. This is a continuation of the Figment: Journey Into Imagination Comic dub series that is currently in production and releasing Oct. 31st. The series will be made as if Miyazaki and Spielberg collaborated on an anime series in the eighties. The official plot is currently kept under wraps.

Deadline and Casting
As of now, the deadline is set in October 2018. I currently have NO plans to extend it. However, if there is a situation where an extension is needed, this page will be updated immediately. I will NOT announce casting till the deadline. Returning cast members for Season 2 include yours truly as Figment, Harrison Bulman playing Dreamfinder, Regacman as Fye, while PatMikeVA will play the main villain along with a few other "surprise" actors/actresses (Characters Not listed here). If casted you can expect warm welcomes and showcase your acting range. The only drama I want coming out is the acting.
So show me the best you and have fun. I believe in you guys!!!

The main form of communication for this project will be through "Discord". Cast members will be required to have a "Discord" to communicate with the directors and other cast members. Scripts, video scripts and lines will be delivered through e-mail/Discord.

Final Words
If you do not make the cut this time don't worry I will hold auditions for another series I am not announcing at this moment.  Again, I wish you guys luck and I hope for you it shall be a fun experience.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold