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    About Fate/Zero Abridged: Voice Actors (Major and Minor Roles) Required

    We have now reached the deadline! Thank you to everyone who auditioned, we hope to get back to you all shortly.

    This is a casting call for an Abridged version of Fate/Zero, a 2007 anime adapted from a light novel by Gen Urobuchi. The final product is intended to be thirteen episodes of approximately ten to fifteen minutes in length.

    Familiarity with the series is absolutely not required: I have every intention of making this series accessible to people who haven't watched the series, and characters may stray somewhat from their incarnations in the series anyway.

    So, what we're gunning for with this Abridged series is something tonally in the vein of Sword Art Online Abridged or Project Mouthwash's many excellent abridged shows -- that is to say, broadly comedic, but with an ability to switch to a more dramatic style, and to use humour to enhance dramatic moments. Each episode is usually abridging two episodes of the source material (sometimes a little less).

    Currently, scripts are written up to episode seven (abridging up to episode thirteen of the source material), with a second edit+annotations due on them to get them up to scratch. Most roles are provisionally cast, but there are several major roles and a bunch of minor roles that still need filling.

    We're hoping (although that may change) to have a fairly quick turnover and release schedule for these: The plan right now is to record these seven episodes and start work on the remaining six before starting to release anything, and to release on a monthly or (if we're being blue-sky-thinker ultra-optimists here) fortnightly schedule.

    While I'd very much like to offer payment (and will if the series takes off, but I think it'd be rather presumptuous to promise that), I can't at this time. What I will offer is: References regarding the voice work done for anyone who needs or wants them, voice work in return for anyone who wants it, writing and editing work (I'm a published writer currently doing a Masters in scriptwriting) for anyone who wants it, and graphic design work. My hope is also that at the completion of the series I can at least offer a small fee to everyone involved, regardless of whether it takes off or not.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold