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Ice Ninja 22's Previously Completed Works

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    About Fantasy war

    This is just a casting role to improve your skills as a voice actor.

    If I pick you, then that means that you your doing great as one, if not this is just for fun so go all out!

    p.s : I may do updates, and I have a extra for you too guys.(Also if you see a mistake, yeah I'am going to be here for a while if so.) (and also if your doing the missing link ones, please keep the swearing to a pg-13 or teen level please (Sorry if you want to though) )

    (oh, and I don't own any of these photes/pictures/art.) 


    I set up 14+ original characters, each with different backgrounds and personalities.

    Plot: The story takes place in a medieval\modern day world, where fantasy is real and war take place.

    Lore: (Warning, this made be long, but every story needs some kind background I guess :) )

    Loatrea, a world full of magic and wonder, peace and light, harmony and balance, is now struck by a devastating war. And each nation plays a part in it.

    The nations/locations: Alio, a nation in the north who fight for truth, justice, and peace no matter what. It welcomes all to come and when you see it's capital, it's filled with creatures big and small, werid and beautiful, you name it. Characters in Alio are: Ream, Leam, Trix, Saz, Raven, Solars, Raz, Io, Spear, King Ranse, and Fareare.

    Elira, the nation of the future, and mordern day society, it too wants peace and is allied with Alio and even given them some of their tech to them, but their methods of doing so are more deadly, or crazy than you could imagine. Characters in Elira are: Rapid, Zigg, Walmo, Loli, BB, Sid, Roseata, Lily, Delowar, Kinao, Carl, Ramnse, Magret, Arms deals, Lamp, Y, L-26, Aleta 4, and Mark 71.

    Faust, a nation who only believe that the strongest only survives, and the weak perish. Faust and Alio are the main two factions fighting in the war. Faust may not have the best gear compared to Alio, but they have dark wizards, overall power, and undying strenght. Characters in Faust are: Zero, Caltor, Ferutious, Rathasis, Merade, Igo, and Insa.

    Unionwood, a beautiful forest, which holds most of Loatrea's strange, beautiful, dangerous, and undiscovered creatures. But it's the most dangerous of all of Loatrea, because if you wish to harm the forest, you won't live to see the next 10 minutes. Characters in Unionwood are: Red Bark, Jopin, Gavxi, Sandrea, and Adim.

    Ninja-mura, a village home to the most skilled ninjas in all the land, and even though they are notas big than other nations or locations, they can take out or destroy one if they want. Luckly Ninja-mura is a neutral place and only attacks if provoke. Characters in Ninja-mura are: Yochina, Mimoto, Village Elder, and Shapu.

    Frosted mountains, a cold other world, filled with ice and wonder, but harsh people. Characters in Frosted mountains are: Frost, Crystalist, Jacksen, Cindle, Timber, Frolesta, and Winter.

    There once was a country called Amenga that was peaceful and didn't want to be in any wars, but then everything went wrong when a flash of light swept the whole country into a ghoulish wasteland, and the people either to spirts or ghouls. Now the once the peaceful lands of life are now swept by the ghoulish wastlands of the dark. The wastlands, of Zer Amenga, the land of the dead.  Characters in Zer Amenga are: Quill, Zeleran, and Fantomu. 

    Neutral(For now) characters: Turn, Light, Shade, Vetra, Ez, Darial, Gunjin, Sābanto, Ha, Yūrei, Gadlet, Realk, Z, Shredd, Hellope, Quill, The Enteral walker,  Raven, Pinsticks, Zayu, Shreed, Sessio, Moonscile, Celsta, Deu, Balcne, Kodoku, Fewa, and Zerrate.


    1. Record yourself the best you can, or anyway you can.

    2.Do your best.

    3. Have fun!!!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold