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About False Perfections: The Animated Series


False Perfections is an Original Fictional Mystery/Drama following a teen boy who has awoken in Purgatory. He must regain his memory in order to move onto the afterlife. However, he can only regain these memories by watching them unfold in front of him. With the guidance of his Guardian Angel, will the child ever recover what he lost, and go to where he belongs?

This project will be adapting the story in a unique format on YouTube by combining still images and animation. The 30 Chapters already created will serve as a 3 Act Structure to produce a full story worth of content. The total run time should be a few hours (Probably 3-4) Which will be divided up into 13 Episodes (Season 1). Season 2 is not currently under any development.

Here is the script for this project: 

Script 1:

Script 2:

Script 3:

Script 4:

This project began as a Demo on a Visual Novel creator website called Cloud Novel. The Demo, along with the songs and assets used in the demo are still there. If you would like to see it for yourself, just follow this link: .

Since then, I have been taking several courses and have studied passionately many different aspects about writing. After tweaking the world building, polishing the characters, and changing the tone to a slower paced - more serious adaption, I am confident with re-brandishing this story.

Recently, I have posted 30 Chapters (and ongoing) worth of material onto a storytelling app called StoryFire under the Alias 'Perfect Being'. The script used for this project will mostly be brought over to be re-used, rather than the script within the Demo found on Cloud Novel.

Several years later now, I am branching out from Cloud Novel. I would like to post False Perfections as an episodic series to YouTube. It will be using many of the assets and OST's that were used in the Demo. (Many assets have been tweaked to perfection, what you see is not the final product..) Think of it like an animation.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold