Casting Call for Evelynn: Agony's Embrace [League Of Legends]

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About Evelynn: Agony's Embrace [League of Legends]

The demon Evelynn lures in prey with a beautiful lie: the voluptuous façade of a human woman. Once her victim succumbs to her charms, she subjects them to unspeakable torment, gratifying herself with their pain. And yet, humans expire so quickly during agony's embrace. Any one dance grants Evelynn only a tiny morsel of pleasure—just enough to tide her over until the next feeding.

This is a casting call for a Skin+ multi-skin update, featuring Evelynn. Evelynn is receiving a brand-new look, kit, and voice, and we at Skin+ are ringing in the occasion by creating voicepacks for all of her skins. This project has around ~200 lines, with payment being 10$, any Evelynn skin you'd like, and an opportunity at lots of other exclusive roles down the line. 

Evelynn's play-style is hit and run, allowing her to sneak up on her opponents to kill them quickly before retreating into the night. Her kit is below:

  • PASSIVE: Demon Shade
After avoiding combat for a few seconds, Evelynn enters stealth, revealing her true demonic form.

  • Q: Hate Spike
Evelynn marks an enemy with her tendrils, allowing her next 3 attacks to strike through them.

  • W: Lust Dust
Evelynn places her heart sigil above an enemy. After the mark matures, Evelynn's next basic attack or ability charms the target, making them move towards her.

  • E: Whiplash
Evelynn impales the target with her tendrils, dealing damage

  • R: The Last Caress
Evelynn unleashes her full power, swiping her tendrils in a large cone in front of her. This ability executes enemies at low health and teleports Evelynn a short distance behind her.

Shadow: Blues/Jazz themed
Masquerade: Ball-room themed
Tango: Dance themed
Safecracker: Heist themed

This project provides unique voiceovers for Shadow, Masquerade, Tango, and Safecracker.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold