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About lawisnie

Lauren is a writer, podcaster, voice actress, and all around learned geek. A fan of voice acting and audiobooks, she knows the value of a well-done performances and works to bring professionalism and empathy into her works. She puts her love of research to work in performing character voices and accents, as well as in learning how to produce quality sound in her expanding home studio. She prides herself on communication and timeliness, and will bring these qualities to your project.

Demos & Samples

Demo reel

Narration; Icelandic woman; frightened teen girl; old woman; French woman; frightened screaming

Portion from chapter 2 of Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery featuring narration, middle-aged man, teen girl.

A Cunning Heist - sale sample

A five-minute sample of audio from Astrid Arditi's A CUNNING HEIST. Voices include first-person narrator and two adult women: one American, one British.