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About Drip and Blaze (Original 2D Animated Series)

Hey Guys!

Alifluro and justkyledavid here from Junk House Studios!

We’re holding open auditions for some characters for the first promo for our upcoming original animated series: Drip and Blaze!

The 2D animated series will follow our protagonists Drip and Blaze, the ‘world’s worst superheroes’ as they try their best (ie. fail) to fight crime and balance high school life.

The promo and series will be posted on our YouTube channel and our Newgrounds. For an idea of the types of animations and content we’ve released previously, you can find our YouTube channel through this link:

For the promo, we are looking to cast 3 characters, and the selected voice actors will be paid. Please note that 2 of the characters (Miss Fosters and The Reporter) will also be recurring characters in the full series, so please only audition if you can commit to the full length of the project (we’re looking at an 8-12 episode first season right now, with 3-5 minute episodes).

This is a paid casting call, and the paid amounts listed are for the promo only and will not reflect the payments for the full series later on. The actors for Miss Fosters and The Reporter will be paid again later for the full series, but we have yet to determine a budget for the first season.

We are an Australian animation team, so the payments will be made in Australian dollars (AUD).

The series will contain adult themes and coarse language. Please only audition if you are comfortable with this.


  1. Please follow these rules for auditioning and make sure you check all of the boxes. Auditions that do not follow the set rules will not be accepted/notified.

  2. Clear microphone quality with no background noise, pops, static, peaking audio...etc. We will not be accepting poor audio quality.

  3. Commitment. As we said, 2 of the roles will be recurring characters in the first season, so please only audition if you are able to commit to both the promo and full first season.

  4. Discord is a requirement. Once you have been cast, we will be directing you through discord.

  5. Having a Paypal account is a requirement, as this is how we will be paying you.


You can audition either through Casting Call Club, or you can email us your auditions by following the instructions in the Google Doc here:

Check us out on our social media for updates on projects in the future!




Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold