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About Don't Choose Him - Gacha Club Mini Movie (ORIGINAL)

to note / keep in mind:

-I will share this project in my Youtube channel.

-if you have any social media links you would like me to add to my description as voice actor/singer credits please contact me.

-my English grammar may not be excellent since I am speaking English for only 5 years and if there are any misspelling and/or bad grammar I would appreciate it if you tell me.

-there are no swearing in any of my movies and I ask the appliers to do the same off stage.

-if there are any questions you have I am open to answering.

-appreciated if you have a decent microphone.

-appreciated if you are over 15


this is an original Gacha Club mini movie, the story is about a girl called Rachel who lives in a world that at the age of 18 the writing on their wrist will determine their biggest regret of their life. once Rachel is 18 the writing in her wrist will be "choosing Damien." And her best friends wrist writing would be “Betraying Rachel” Rachel’s friend (Lorelei) decides to hide this from Rachel since she does not even know what this means herself since she loves Rachel a lot. Rachel on the other hand is confused since she does not know anyone with that name especially since she has a crush already on another guy from her school. as Rachel works as a coffee shop waitress going to school at the same time is a hard work especially when you are the most popular girl and you want no one to know that you work in a coffee shop downtown to be able to pay for the medicine's of your sick mother. as Rachel goes to school one day they will announce a new student and his name is Damien. Rachel's story starts here at the point that all Rachel thinks about is that she must NOT fall for him. One day as Rachel goes home she realises her mother had a sudden panic attacks and is currently in a coma. Meanwhile Rachel’s “Friends” realise she works in a coffee shop and she loses her school fame but all she thinks about at that time is that now she has no chance with her crush. after a lot of drama and bad things that happen to Rachel she finally falls for Damien and decides to be with him for her 19th birthday. as they are walking home meanwhile Rachel’s best friend (Lorelei) see’s Rachel’s crush by accident and the story reveals that Lorelei also had a crush on him but was to shy to confess. Lorelei did not know that Rachel also had a crush on him so she tried her chance and confesses to him. (Rachel’s Crush is called Blake) as Lorelei Confesses Blake accepts Lorelei’s confession but under 1 circumstances. “Betraying Rachel” and it turns out Blake always Hated Rachel for unknown reasons and as Lorelei asks for the reason Blake says “I will take that to my grave” and Lorelei realises she has to choose between Rachel and Blake. getting back to Rachel and Damien, as they are walking home together Lorelei Sends a Message for Rachel and Message says “Hey Bff! there is a new shortcut and its so beautiful I discovered it yesterday! I thought maybe on your 19th birthday you would like to pass by there!” Rachel asks for the address and Lorelei Sends her “just go straight! There is a very small alley you must pass by but its totally safe! Its just a little bit dark but once you pass by there the flower road I told you starts!” (Vocals/Lyrics Starts) Rachel thanks Lorelei by Message and tell Damien they should go to the direction Lorelei said. As they enter the Valley Rachel realises something is not right since the valley is too dark and complicated but as they try to figure it out they are completely lost. As they see a little bit of light at the end of the valley as they are about to get there Blake spears at front of them with a gun. As they are confused and shocked Blake gives Rachel the offer that she can choose either Damien to die or they will both die. Damien whispers in Rachel’s ear “choose me.” As Rachel starts crying Blake yells out for Rachel to choose and Rachel looks at Lorelei standing there and right at that moment she says “I choose Damien” and Blake shots Damien. And right at that moment Rachel and Lorelei both get reminded of their wrists. And at that moment Blake says “Sike.”  The mini movie ends here and the ending is up the viewer to decide that either Rachel dies or not.

About the Creator: nc-amethyst

..⃗.  About Me! 𑁍ࠜೄ ・゚ˊˎ

╭﹒Nickname: Amethyst  ˚₊˙
˖ ˙꒰ ﹕ ˚₊˙ My Favourite colour is Purple
˖ ˙꒰ ﹕ ˚₊˙ I am a March Pisces ♓️
˖ ˙꒰ ﹕ ˚₊˙ Pronounce: She/Her
˖ ˙꒰ ﹕ ˚₊˙ I am a ENFP
⊹₊﹒ ˚₊˙ My Discord is AmethystOfficial#9471
╰﹒I'm an extrovert  ˚₊˙

  • ⊹₊  Important Information to Consider! ⊹₊﹒

╭﹒My voice range is somehow Large- I don't know ˚₊˙
⊹₊﹒ I can work with medium and medium-high pitches/tones ˚₊˙
˖ ˙꒰ ﹕ as for emotions, i work the best with Paralysed/emotionless ( I think )
⊹₊﹒although I personally feel like I fit loud emotional characters better 
╰﹒feel free to give me recommendations!

⊹₊﹒My 2nd Youtube channel is AncientAmethyst
⊹₊﹒I have no problem with Yelling
⊹₊﹒I am a beginner so please don't set your expectations too hight

╭﹒Please keep your project PG: I don't work with projects that have NSFW In them. 
˖ ˙꒰ ﹕Sorry I won't swear.
˖ ˙꒰ ﹕Sorry I won't be in any 18+ project. (Flirting is fine but not anything aside that)

  • ..⃗.  Other Things I can do 𑁍ࠜೄ ・゚ˊˎ
╭﹒I am also a-
 ⊹₊﹒Artist + Digital Artist
 ⊹₊﹒Story Writer
 ⊹₊﹒I am a song writer in my spare time (I can both write songs for my own project and your projects if you wanted me to do so ^^)

Pin on ♡ 。Anime Sakura (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

✧・゚:*𝘛𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘬𝘴 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘥𝘪𝘯𝘨, 𝘩𝘢𝘷𝘦 𝘢 wonderful 𝘥𝘢𝘺!*:・゚✧*

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