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Kenzie Bee's Previously Completed Works

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    About Tonight: A Visual Novel

    So much can happen in a night. So why don't we make it ours?

    What if you only had five nights to catch the culprit? This is the premise of Tonight. The player will experience the story through the eyes of Jamie Heartwood, a non-binary investigative journalism student at the local university, who came to the Nightshade Nightclub for a change of scenery from everyday life. However, on this night, they overhear a conversation about a murder that has taken place at the nightclub. By enlisting the help of Teyannah Martinez, a regular clubgoer with her own secrets, and by investigating 10 unique men and women throughout a 5-day period, you will discover who killed Annabelle Harris. If you can't catch the culprit, or if you take the wrong step...maybe you'll be the next Annabelle.

    Each and every character in this story has their own unique reason to be at the nightclub. By talking to them and playing an assortment of minigames, you may finally get justice for the late Annabelle.

    • Teyannah Martinez: Guide
    - A regular visitor to the Nightshade Nightclub. She's heard every story, seen every scandal, whispered every rumor. When Jamie enters the club for a night out, they are approached by Teyannah while eavesdropping on a group of people muttering about a horrible act that took place here last week.
    - Much like "the man in the chair" superhero trope, or yandere simulator's info-chan, Teyannah will provide hints and clues throughout the story to guide you in the direction of the truth. Through the minigames and interrogations and conversations, Teyannah will point out key points to remember. However, as the week progresses, less advice will be given, and you will be left to your own skills to solve the case. At the end of the week, Teyannah will leave it all up to you, and you will decide once and for all: who killed Annabelle Harris?

    • Minigames
    - Interrogation
    The player will select one of the two suspects for the night to interrogate. This minigame will include a scene of the suspect at a table sitting across from you in the back corner of the nightclub (as if the player is sitting directly in front of the suspect. Through the help of Teyannah and your own EVIDENCE and INTUITION, you will ask important questions to get closer to the truth.
    - Liar's Games
    Depending on the day of the week, the player will also be given a shot at Liar's Games. On these select days, if you play the Interrogation and are unsuccessful in gaining new leads, Liar's Games will start. A randomly selected game will begin. Depending on the outcome, you will gain a new lead AND completely eliminate a suspect. These games include: riddles, math problems, decoding ciphers, and more. INTUITION and EVIDENCE will not be available for these games, however Teyannah's Help will be. The player can select Teyannah's Help to guide them if they are stuck, but this will only happen once before Teyannah is out of hints for the Liar's Game.
    During the week, you will find pieces of evidence. These will include:
    - Alibis (from main characters + extras)
    - Witness Accounts (from main characters + extras)
    - Physical Items (wallets, drugs, papers, etc)
    - Digital Items (text messages, emails, photos, etc)
    - Audio/Video (security camera footage, phone videos, recorded audio, etc)
    - Other (outside knowledge, rumors, police reports, etc)

    While playing Minigames, Jamie's skill of Intuition will come into play. The Intuition will be in the form of a meter, like a life bar. Using Intuition will consume a certain percentage of your Intuition Meter. Be careful not to run out! Ways to use Intuition:
    - Relating past conversations to current interrogation
    - Presenting evidence
    - Picking up on key points/clues hidden in the statements made by the suspect

    If the player gets stuck during a minigame and/or their Intuition meter has run low, Teyannah will step in. By selecting "Teyannah's Help" from the Minigame menu, Teyannah will select three key points/clues/pieces of evidence. These will all be helpful for the Minigame, and the player can select two of the three selected key points/clues/pieces of evidence. Depending on which key points/clues/pieces of evidence the player selects, the Intuition meter may fill back up and the player can continue the Minigame.

    We need Voice Actors, Writers, Game Designers, Artists, Graphic Artists, and BGM Composers.
    Thank you for your interest!

    Some characters are currently unavailable for auditions. 

    Please check the project updates regularly and join our discord server to be notified when a character is open for auditions.



    About the Creator: kenzie-bee

    hello! i'm kenzie! i'm a floridian genderfluid bisexual, and i'm dedicated to any project i join or create and i give everything my all. i really care about my friends and how they're feeling and i'm always there to give a hand when needed. my passion is singing and voice acting, and i don't know what i want to do with my life but i'm hoping to be a voice actor! i do have tendencies to get carried away and set expectations too high and ending up disappointing myself, being an ADHD and anxiety-ridden maladaptive daydreamer, but i am always able to pick myself off the ground and dust myself off! i look forward to working with anyone who wants to work with me! <3 

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