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Gillians's Previously Completed Works
    About Dawn's Demons (Student Animation Concept Trailer)

    After saving a man’s life, Dawn, a young girl with a sunny disposition, is visited by numerous demons competing for her immortal soul.

    Dawn Breaker is a cheerful young girl who lives happily in her suburban home with her parents, Faith and William. One day on her way home from school, Dawn stumbles upon a man who intends to jump off an office building. Dawn begins talking to the man and puts a positive spin on everything he claims makes his life terrible. The man eventually comes down from the ledge and thanks Dawn. Little does she know that the demons that were after the man’s soul are not as grateful. Upon returning home, Dawn is confronted by three demons whom she dubs, Julie, Noah, and Troy. The three demons begin fighting over who will take her soul in exchange for the man’s to “The Boss,” but even they have outside competition of their own to worry about.

    I'm looking to cast Dawn and her three demons(Julie, Troy, and Noah) for the purposes of this trailer. For the time being this is a Trailer only project, communication will be done through email. 

    Please audition with 3 takes of each line!

    I, as a student, have limited funds but I can offer each VA 5 dollars just for the trailer work! Since I'm on a time crunch, I do need a pretty fast turn around, so please make sure you can return lines in 1-2 days before auditioning! Thank you so much!

    Thank you, and have fun!

    About the Creator: gillians

    Just using this to work on my film school capstone!