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About Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc: The Fandub

Upupu. This is a fandub for the video game, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.

We will be using the official English translation by NISA, however, some dialogue will be rewritten to make it flow a bit better, and give it a chance to resonate with a more western audience. However, that does not mean any whitewashing. There will only be minor changes.

Now, originally, I planned to do this myself, however, I can only do so much, so I decided to cast some roles. Mainly girls will need to be cast, however, there is a few males that will also be cast.

How long will this project be?
This project is slated to be released in multiple episodes. Also, there will also be a 'Free Time' episode for each character, where their free time events will be voiced. In rough, I presume there will be about 20 regular episodes and fourteen free time episodes. This amount may change. So you should be prepared to stay on untill your character is killed or the end of the series.

Will you be doing the second game?
I'm not sure yet. I would like to get through this game before I decide on doing the sequel or any other Danganronpa entry. However, if i do decide to do further entries, and your character reappears, it would be cool if you could reprise your role

How will casting work?

I will cast a single actor for a role, as well as an understudy, just on the off chance that someone is unable to continue. You should check back, just in case you get understuduy, as Casting Call Club does not notify those. However, this does not identify to Understudy only roles, as I would only need to cast one actor. So understudies for those roles will be notified by email. I will be basing whether you are cast on three things.
-How clean your microphone quality is
Now, I'm not expecting Funimation level quality, but I still want something decent, so mics from stuff like your tablets or laptops will not work as well as background noise.
-How good you are
To be accepted, you must be a decent actor. I will be replying to every role, so I won't be blunt. However, I do want you to be able to act so I can give you this role.
-How much you sound like either the Japanese or English voice actors
Now, this may seem weird as the game does have voice acting, but let me explain. The game is not fully voice acted and I will be switching up the dialogue a bit. This section will also help me when selecting understudies as that way, both actors sound similar. Also, It's not like the English voice acting was amazing anyway

What characters are open?
All the classmates, Monokuma, Jin and Komaru are available for auditions. However, Makoto, Byakuya, Kiyotaka, Jin and Monokuma are only for understudies are those are characters currently planned to be voiced by me. Now, I will not be casting two Junko actors, however, you can be multicast, so expect that just in case

Will there be deadlines?

Yes. However, as we are all busy, these deadlines will probably be light. I imagine somewhere around 2-4 weeks per episode. Don't quote me on that. Those deadlines will also be a bit loose, for those who have good reason (Colds, Family Emergencies, Zombie Apocalypses). However, you can't push those too far.

How will the cast and crew communicate?
I will be creating a special, super-secret discord for everyone who is cast, so discord is a requirement

Now that you mention requirments, what are they?
- A decent mic (Blue Snowball is probably the lowest)
- A discord
- I won't accept anybody below 13. And don't worry, I can tell
- Acting Ability.
- Knowledge of the Danganronpa franchise would be extremely useful, but is not a must

Where will this be uploaded?
All episodes will be uploaded on Youtube. I imagine them coming out in late 2017-early 2018.

That's all for now. Let the game begin!

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