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    About Danganronpa: Out of This World (Drama CD/Audio Book Project)

    Hey everyone! My name is Other Senpai. 

    I'm currently writing a Danganronpa SYOC (submit your own character) story on Fanfiction dot net! It's ongoing, currently just finished chapter 2.

    I got the idea today to make a sort of 'drama CD' or audio book, in order to surprise the creators of the characters. I'm starting this project in hopes of finding voice actors to voice the characters, an artist to create some visuals to play as the audio is going, a sound artist to create a few pieces of music to play as the audio is going, and possibly an editor to put the video together. I myself will be working as the writer and the director and have a couple friends who will also be working on the project.

    This project would be posted chapter by chapter on YouTube, and would be a long one. There'd probably be about a three month wait between each chapter, as I want the chapter to be completely published on Fanfiction dot net before people start recording lines for the next chapter of the audio book. So, if casted, please get ready for a long commitment as I do NOT want to have to recast.


    Thank you guys for the help, please see down below for some rules and requirements.

    -If you are one of the creators from the story or a reader, PLEASE do not tell anyone else about this! PM me if you have any questions or anything, but I'm really trying to keep this a surprise. 

    -As the story is published, you may feel tempted to go and read it. You are welcome to do so, but that'd obviously be spoiling it for yourself. Basically, you can either read the story in word form, or wait for the audio book to come out.

    -Having a Discord for this project is a MUST! You must include your username and tag in your audition, as I will send you an invite to the project's server if you're being considered. 

    -MUST be comfortable with cursing. 

    -MUST have a good quality microphone. I'm sorry, but I can't afford any equipment capable of cleaning up audio, so I can't have you recording on anything that makes your voice sound bad.

    -As I mentioned before, PLEASE be ready to be in this for the long run if casted! I would absolutely hate to have to recast a role after you've already recorded chapter 1 and 2. It takes time to complete a chapter of the story, so please be patient with me. If there are any circumstances where you feel like you must leave your role, please let me know, don't just ghost on me. 

    -I will add any additional rules here in the future as necessary!

    About the Creator: OtherSenpai

    Hey everyone! My name is Other Senpai. I'm currently holding auditions for an audiobook of my fanfiction based on the murder-mystery game, Danganronpa!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold