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    About Danganronpa: High Skies! [Read desc.]

    Disclaimer: I am only making the CCC for the project, the owners of the project are Mattix13#2891, the co-owner, and Aimee kane shsl artist#7131, the owner.


    Wait a minute, what's DR: High Skies?

    Simple, Danganronpa High Skies is a project that has been created by Aimee Kane, who then drafted the help of several other admins and artists in order to bring the idea to reality! This story is a canon divergence of the Danganronpa story, taking place more than twenty years after DR 3: Hope Arc, with little relation to the plot of the original other than the general premise of the academy and the Ultimates. However, these students are going on a trip of a lifetime! This will be a long-term VA project that will be turned into a video series about a Killing Game that takes place in an airship hijacked by the diabolical Monodroid! Will Mitch and the others make it out alive?

    Didn't you make a project before?

    Well, yes. I am not going to be the main directive head of this project (thankfully), I am going to be helping within other ways. The admins are going to the be the main ones that decide who is chosen, with no interference with upvotes or public strawpolls on who should get in.

    What are the requirements for auditioning?

    Simple enough all you need to have are:

    1. 1. Decent mic quality, probably Snowball level minimum.
    2. 2. Minimal background noise if possible.
    3. 3. The ability to stay on the team for as long as the project will take.
    4. 4. Have fun!

     Where's the character photos? (If it is not there / not of quality at the moment)

    Simple, we're finishing most of them as we speak, but we have a few of the characters done already in chibi form, which we will use until the sprites come in! We also have rough sketches made by the co-owner in order to be used, so bear with us!

    Where's the Discord?!:

    Sorry for forgetting the Discord link originally, here it is, courtesy of the Owners! -

    And without a further ado... let's begin this Aerial Killing Game!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold