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Lakewash223's Previously Completed Works

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    About Danganronpa: A New Dawn Audio version

    This is a Danganronpa audio project which the first half is set in an un-named academy (Mostly because I couldn't think of A name but I am open to suggestions) while the second half for the most part is going to be set in a police station and a cafe (It'll make sense later).

    Although you don't need to be a fan of Danganronpa to audition, it would be best if you do have at least some basic knowledge of the franchise so your not left in the dark when receving the scripts.

    This is also going to have original characters and offical Danganronpa characters, two of which don't appear until the second half.

    If the cast are open to it then the Extra characters (Orphanage Boy 1, Orphanage Girl 1, Orphanage Boy 2, Orphanage girl 2, Hospital worker 1, Hospital Worker 2, Paintent 1 and Paintent 2) will be voiced by the cast who get chosen (if not then I'll do a separte audition for the extra characters)

    also A few of the characters are in the LGBT+ Spectrum (It will be noted as to which characters they are).

    This is also an unpaid project and some of the characters will have more major roles in the second half then they did in the first half such as Hatsuko and Akikko.

    When auditioning feel free to audition for more then one character.

    The story is your traditional Danganronpa affiar.......Until the second half.

    The lines from the pilot (Most of the The students lines + Monokuma) here were taken from the second to last version of the pilot script so they are very slightly different (Usually just a few words).

    Discord is needed so if your successful DM me your username and number thingy through CCC then i'll DM you the server link through Discord or I'll DM you through CCC.

    The explainer video will give an idea of the voices i'm looking when I mention the abridged voices.

    About the Creator: lakewash223

    My discord: EmergencyDefinition3VA#3628 (it's the easiest place to get in contact with me)

    My twitter: @sonicblox1

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold