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Lola Sid's Previously Completed Works

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    About [Actors Needed!] Dangan Ronpa: Engaged Pursuit

    Notice: During the making of Chapter One, there will be some random audio posts on our Tumblr (e.g, intros, bits from chapters, etc.) I'll contact you on Discord if you're casted and I'll see if your able to do it ahead of time! ♥️

    Current Roles Filled:

    YOKO KANNO: [sugarandspice]
    MAJOKKO KIRA: [strawberrytrapper]
    SHINYA UCHIDA: [sdcvoices]
    TADSHI SHIEGO: [Ross Xvi]
    MEKKU KAZUNO: [neoninjaraiden]
    AI MAYABI: [know-your-paradoxes]

    DanganRonpa: Trivial Pursuit is an upcoming DanganRonpa fan video set in the universe of the game. The video is set to have fifteen characters, one of which is the protagonist, Ai Mayabi. 

    [More Info]. 

    The video will introduce Ai and other characters, as well as have the full 'gameplay'  experience. The video will end with the closing of chapter one, and if possible, more chapters will be added along the way. Gameplay is built on the same structure as all the other D.R games, with all original visuals. 

    Why are we holding auditions?

    DanganRonpa: Trivial Pursuit is developed by four individuals: We alone cannot cast Voice Actors by ourselves, so we've decide to create this project. This is also is made with the intent for helping fellow VA fans expand their porfolio. 

    All members of the team are artists, including our production manager, Ronnie, who is currently a video game designer in school. Since this video will be done in spare time, it is planned to release later this year.

    Things To Keep In Mind? 

    Production of this video will take a long time, with the added wait for Voice Actors. It may be a while before we submit the final work! 

    Sprites will be revealed after all voices are completed and casted. It should be noted that female introduction voices will come first; male second.

    It is NOT a commercial project. 

    Means of contact are only available via Discord and Email. Please PM us for  additional information! 

    Lola's Discord: LolaSid#1662

    About the Creator: LolaSid


    My name is Lola! I am currently an aspiring student in the arts. I edit films / design intros / draw and sometimes sound design! Nice to meet you. 

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