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Paradoxmaker's Previously Completed Works

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    About Critical Role - The Musical



    My name is Kieron and straight off the bat, I'm 21 and I've never done anything like this before but I'd see the heat death of the universe before I let that stop me. 

    "My Idea?" I hear you none verbally asking. 

    I'd like to make a musical adaptation of the Whitestone Arc from Critical Role!

    Well to be more specific, I'd like to put together a team of individuals to help me write a musical. How the musical comes together could take a number of formats.

    1) I produce music videos as companion pieces to the music.

    2) They are played over fan-art created by the community (Critters) for the music.

    3) I hire actors and actresses to perform this live and record it.

    4) Any suggestions the team comes up with.

    Let's backtrack a little to give you some background.

    Critical Role is about a group of nerdy ass voice actors (if you've ever played a video game or watched something animated - chances are you've heard their voices) who sit around a table a play 5e Dungeons and Dragons on the Geek and Sundry Twitch Stream on Thursdays at 7pm PST.

    Now, what does this have to do with a musical?

    It is no big secret that the cast and crew are in love with the play "Hamilton" written and starring Lin Manuel Miranda. They can often be heard singing one of the songs on stream when even the slightest reference is made to the outstanding musical.

    So, my idea, and I'm looking for a team of people on this, is to adapt the third arc of their game. 

    "Why the third arc?" some of you hardcore fans may be asking, or those of you that are hearing about this show for the first time. 

    "Why not start from the beginning?" is your immediate followup question.

    It's simple. The first arc had the party underground, with no real "arc" other than to rescue the damsel in distress. There were no real "emotional" scenes that lend themselves to the kind of musical I am thinking of. The second arc lasted only a few episodes and introduced a ton of guest characters so there is no real connective story tissue that could be used fluidly for a musical.

    Now the third arc, oh boy.

    This is the first real time in the show where a character's backstory becomes prevalent and the acting and storytelling of this entire run starts the ball running on what I consider to be the increase of popularity for Critical Role. Everything improves: the sets, the maps, the interactions, the characters. It all begins with the most gut-wrenching, action packed, tear-jerking arc in the whole campaign. And it starts with the backstory of Mr. Taliesin Jaffe's character, the gunslinger: 

    Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III

    (Just call him Percy)

    Please submit your auditions below if your interested! I'm looking for everyone of every skill set on this project. I want singers, song writers, musicians, I want you all to come pouring out of the woodwork to help make this dream real.

    I will be setting up a Discord Server to host all of you fine people. Obviously being able to work in a team is essential and audio quality for a musical is pretty mandatory. Even if you join this project to help market or even produce artwork for this piece I welcome all. Then obviously mic quality isn't really necessary for you.

    This is a pure Fan-Made project. There will be no pay unfortunately. I am, sadly, unemployed at the moment but I feel this experience and the people who decide to join know what it's like to want a dream to come true and I only hope you agree with that sentiment.

    All credit to Kit Buss and Nadz Salvo, Joma Cueto,  Kiwiwola, Kerri Aitken and Fl0werb0ys for the incredible art used for the audition thumbnails!








    About the Creator: paradoxmaker

    5'9, ginger, nerdy. I've done funny voices in my D&D campaigns, thought I'd try them as a side hobby.

    My main goal is to really write something that I can have people act against. Seeing characters come to life would be a dream come true.

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