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Aloe Esces's Previously Completed Works

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    About Coffee Flavored Kisses - Otome Game (Minor/Extra Main Character VAs Needed!)

    Game Voiceactors Needed

    Life is like a cup of coffee. It can be cold, cooling or hot and relaxing, bitter and dark, or sweet and light. Either way, coffee is the main highlight of many mornings, including Ceaser Hazel's. Ceaser is a young college student...but he's not quite one of the party animals you'd see at a dorm party at an actual college. This little coffee-lover is one of those more...relaxed students who will find a comfortable area, and bunk down to complete his classes online on a laptop. 

    For example, Ceaser has claimed a comfy little booth in the corner of the Starbucks on Main Street in the small town of Bealer. Ceaser grew up with a rich loving family in an Oceanside home in the city, the only child sheltered by two Highschool teachers, and had fled to the more woodsy quiet and more...hidden town to focus on his classes.
    He however was not the only one who had chosen Starbucks as their sanctuary..
    Diesel Aarb, a young modern adult who on the surface seems like a normal town flirt...had also fled to Bealer for some more..focus. On life however, not classes. 
    Over time..Ceaser and Diesel had finally met, and a small spark seemed to ignight in their sugar-loving hearts. Never before had Diesel himself questioned his sexuality...until sweet shy little Ceaser had come along. Ceaser on the other hand...had known about his own reverse sexuality for a few years...Diesel had only strengthened it.
    As many know however, love doesn't always go untouched. There are always hurdles and challenges...in this case, a possible threat to their relationship, and lives..
    This is a side post for a much bigger project! 
    This post involves updates, preview and new side/supporting/main Character roles!

    For the main characters and more info, please visit the main post 

    The game is in smoothly moving progress! Granted the coding has become a bit of a road block, but it's quickly being fixed. Ren.py doesn't seem to enjoy running on our computer.
    We are still needing main characters! Only a few are casted so far, and we'd love to get the audio together as quick as possible! 

    Now for the new characters. These characters either won't show up very often, do not have a romantic route, OR do not come in until far into the game.
    Yes, we plan on making this game as open and long as possible, with as many different routes and choices as we can. When a (?) is shown, it means a name or word is a spoiler. Some of these characters are indeed main roles, as well as romantic routes, but they aren't part of the big main story, until unlocked. 

    We can be found/messaged on these platforms
    (for some odd reason it won't let me list the 'at' symbol so ye- you get it)
    Skype: AloeEsces(at)gmail.com (We are still having problems with this platform, so we ask you reach out via to gmail)
    Email: AloeEsces(at)gmail.com
    Discord: Âloe/Ęsces #2505
    And Here of Course

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold