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Fever Dreams's Previously Completed Works

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    About Children Of Eternity (Original Animation)

    There was once a world that went by the name Isaias, it was full of mythical creatures and magic. Since the beginning, Isaias was ruled by two god-like princes who could use their magic to bring light and darkness to the world. The two would live together for an eternity, both learning from what the other had experienced.

    Though later on, the elder prince would become obsessed with power. He sent out his creatures of flame to control what he knew as peasants, not his people. The younger sibling grew tired of his sibling abusing his power, tired of his people being scared. The moon would take his own life, giving the rest of his magic to a child whose parents had abandoned her. 

    The elder sibling soon took notice of his missing brother, finding his body in the garden he took care of. This prince would soon take his life as well. For, if The Moon would try to save their people, The Sun would show his power once more. The Sun would give his magic to two brothers of royal blood.

    The dawneyes remained after their creator had left the mortal realm, only to gain consciousness and begin on a road of their own. A road that still followed the orders of the deceased Sun Prince.

    After many years of struggle, two garaphen stepped up. They vowed to protect the people of Isaias as long as they, and their kin, lived. These two rulers would keep the land safe, taking action into their own hands if need be. Nothing would happen to their people ever again.

    Hello! This is an old story, but it is rethought and revamped. I really hope you are interested! Now, this is what will be required for you to be able to work on this project:

    • Discord, this will be our main communication system.
    • A relatively good mic.
    • Please be nice and patient!

    About the Creator: Fever Dreams

    Hello! My name is Reign, and it is a pleasure to meet you! 

    At the moment, I haven't really worked on any projects. Though, I hope my first goes good and gives me some good experience in the directing and writing fields. I really hope to be a director and writer for an animation studio some day!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold