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    About Chernobyl Cardians (audio)

    Extended the deadline. ((The characters with lines are the one available for auditioning. Please don't audition  until the lines are shown.))

    Current roles open/with completed scripts:

    Jeong (No accent needed but Asian accents are welcomed))


    Deirdre O'Hart
    Male NPC
    Female NPC
    Main Goal is to tell a awesome story and i need some awesome voice actors

    Hey Guys this project is basically me scripting and having people voice act the past sessions of my World of Darkness Roleplay tabletop group, Chernobyl Cardians. This more of a fun side project i’m going to be working on over the semester while i’m suffering at college. I’m doing the whole music, sounds effect, the whole nine yards.

    I will be more or less taking each sessions to script. This might be a long term project given the length to the audio sessions and how the group is still going,  i have to script and the completed project will take a few months to be perfectly honest. I have to work with work, school and other project so please don't expect anything posted so fast. I hope to add drawings corresponding with the audio /voices to make more of a Animatic but I need to see if i can get enough or the right voice actors for the project before i can start on that,

    Background on The setting:

    The World of Darkness in short is a role playing game where the setting is the modern world where the supernatural is real and players have to deal with and face them.  In Chernobly, characters all stumble from their own parallel dimensions into a world where the world's ended and they more or less forced to join a shady organization called Cardians. And you guessed it the setting takes placed in a messed up Chernobyl. Players, normal people from all sorts of walks of life have to deal with these changes and this brave new world. Where things like vampires, werewolves, radioactive lizards, giant hunter spiders, magical drug faes existence.

    - Please have a decent mic, it doesn't have to professional grade or anything fancy like that but i won't listen to auditions with bad quality.

    - Please read the lines at least twice with different tones if you could please.

    - The characters will speak a lot so expect many lines so be prepare. Some will talk more then others.

    -Characters will swear, get in violent situations and talk in a crude manner. After all, my role play group are a bunch of crude individuals at times which will reflect in their characters. Warning you guys now. It's the world of darkness of course. XD

    A link to the official World of Darkness group in which my group is part of.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold