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About {Castaways} LiEat I, II, III Dub

You can purchase and download the game from Steam.
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Welcome to Castaways' LiEat; The trilogy detailing the detective-esque journey of Theobald Leonhart, the conman of many faces, and the newly-born dragon, Efina. Efina is a dragon with the ability to manifest people's lies and eat them. In each part, there's a different lie to uncover, and eventually she'll have to face Theo's own lies. LiEat is a pixel RPG, that focuses on telling a story, rather than heavy game-play mechanics. Each part of the trilogy details a new scenario, in which Theo will have to use his masterful deception and wit to uncover the mystery. In LiEat, dragons are mysterious creatures with supernatural powers that are born from the intense wishes of humans. They are a rare commodity, and tend to be hunted by other humans for profit, mistreated, and used for slave labor. 

LiEat is split into three parts which form one game. Each part has its own characters and story.

LiEat I: The beginning of the tale of conman, Theo, and his tiny, dragon partner, Efi. We dive into the mystery of a town with occupants mysteriously disappearing, and the legend of the vampire family. In this town, Theo takes up a disguise and names himself "Leo."

LiEat II: The next part of the LiEat trilogy, starring the sheep that eats dreams and dysfunctional lovers. Here, Theo takes up a disguise as a young and friendly guard named "Harold Radford."

LiEat III: The final installment of the LiEat trilogy. This part, focuses on Theo’s past as we chase down the enigmatic Phantom Thief. 

To make it easier for you to tell which characters belong in which game, we will be marking it down in their character descriptions. Theo and Efina are largely present in every part. Be aware that they will require a large amount of commitment. 

If you are cast for Theo or Efina, You will have a lower chance to be cast in other roles aside from minor ones because of their large line count.

Some character have "child" variants. If you are auditioning for their "adult" version, please also audition for their child version. Females are free to audition for child characters regardless of gender. You do not have to audition for the adult version of character if you are, for example, a female auditioning for a male child. 

We have previously held a private casting call for this dub. If you auditioned for the private call, you do not need to audition for this call, for we will be taking those private auditions into consideration. However, if you choose to re-audition on CCC, then we will be looking at only the ones you audition on CCC and ignoring your old auditions. 

Minimum Requirements

- Excellent audio quality with minimal background noise

- DO NOT MIX YOUR AUDITIONS! Slight compression, light noise reduction, noise gating is fine. Please do not EQ or do heavy altering to your audio.

- Be able to record during live direction.

- A Discord to record (live direction) and communicate.

- Be able to turn in your lines on time.

If you are casted, you will have one week to respond to a private message on CCC from me before I put the role up for auditions again. 

Feedback request are open. You may be receive feedback from either myself or my co-director, Kaisar.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold