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About [Like, Chill Out!] Be More Chill Alternate Characters Cover Group

This is a Be More Chill cover group. What we will be doing is voicing and singing the songs of Be More Chill but with a different plot and lyrics. (Character genders subject to change except Sophie, so even if you're a girl trying for a guy role or vice versa, feel free!)


ACT 1 
A is an Anime Nerd/Gamer whose best friend since childhood B is a fellow otaku and gamer. After entering Highschool, she realises that her body is changing in a way that’s made her… well, hot.

Unable to deal with the attention, she is convinced by the school’s Insta Star C to take a Japanese Drug that tells you how to avoid conflict and navigate social situations.

The Japanese Drug then creates an AI in her brain named OTOME to help her navigate through high school. She ends up taking part in the School Play with hottie D who was sent to Theater Club as punishment for talking back to a teacher, this boy also happens to be her long time crush. A ends up dating D thanks to OTOME’s help.

In order to try and win back A, D starts asking C out and becomes a cool guy, much to everyone's surprise. OTOME, seeing how this is messing up her plans for A blocks B from her mind.

ACT 2After becoming very comfortable as a popular kid, A becomes suspicious of D who has started more fervently hinting that they should start having sex. She refuses but feels so guilty about not going that she decides to confront him about it and instead catches him making out with C.

The sight of C reminds her of B's existence and as she storms out of the house she finds him on the front porch of her house.

OTOME somehow forces A to tell him about how C cheated on him. However, B already knows this and only came to her house to tell her that he's transferring schools. He got a full scholarship to a science school and the only reason he stayed was for her.

OTOME takes control of A's moment of confusion to convince her that she's fine without him and to put OTOMES on each popular student, saying that this is the reason D cheated on her.

A tries to convince D to take the drug at the play and when it didn't work, OTOME forces the drug into his mouth through an on-stage kiss just as B arrives with the cure to the drug.

Horrified at what she's done, A gives the cure to D who in his flailing was able to spill all but the last drops. Before A can give it to him, B intervenes and gives her the antidote finally admitting that he's in love with her. Her sonic screech short-circuits every OTOME in the area.(edited)

A wakes up in a hospital the next day with D in the next bed over looking traumatised and humbled. Her family arrives to tell her that B would be leaving for a different state that day.

Finally realising she loved B, she used the last of her energy to stop him from leaving.

Rules of Auditioning:

- Be Nice.

- You don't need to have professional equipment but you do need to be proficient in English.

- You need to make a Discord account. Don't worry, tons of people use it so it's simple enough.

- At least 1 minute for your song and and intro if you feel like it. 

- Use your natural voice.

- For Artists and Animators, send a link to your works.

About the Creator: ILLEGAILE

I'm a 20 year old senior in college who likes to pass what little time she has left by writing fanfiction, reading, and sometimes... editing videos and singing. :)

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold