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About astrange-ishhouseplant



My name is Plant, and I'm a girl who's been doing voices for her friends for quite a long time.  I love doing voices for my friends, so I decided to put that passion into a media!


My vocal range can go from a kawaii high pitched anime girl, to a valley girl, to  deep and mysterious.  I am able to voice act child to adult females.  My singing range is G3 - G6.  

Basically just waiting for instructions/scripts, helping write, waiting for other roles to be filled.

Fukumi Nakamoto (Oka) (Waiting for the script)

Alice Margatroid (Lines for Ep.1 - Ep.11 completed)

Rika Furude (Waiting for instructions)

Ortensia (Waiting for instructions)

Departed!Undyne (Waiting for instructions)

Yeo-Jin (Waiting for the script)

Marion (Genderbent Marvin) (Waiting for other Roles to be filled)

Maria Mario (Act 1 lines sent, waiting for Act 2 Script)

Amelia (Waiting for script)

Alexandra (Genderbent Alexander Hamilton) (Waiting for Instructions)

Machiko (Waiting for script)

Theme Song Singer (Waiting for script)

Host 2 (Waiting for script)


Sochiebot (ep.1 completed, waiting for ep.2 script)

Natsuki (first set of lines done, waiting for second)


Agent 8 (ep.1ep.2ep.3ep.4ep.5, and ep.6 completed)


Rose (Lines submitted, Canceled)

Monika (Canceled)

Natsuki (Canceled)


Discord is the best way to reach me!  

Discord: House Plant#9947


I am going to be out of town for a while, but I will be back late in the day on August 26th.  

  • @lirothezero

    Approachable and fun to work with, Plant is so much fun. She has a wonderful singing voice, a large range of speaking, and a wonderful personality. She did more than I asked her, and did so much to help. She has so many talents, and I couldn't be more happy that I casted her.

  • @deleted106054

    I've been friends with Plant for a few weeks now, and I can proudly say that she is a really good friend of mine! She has a great voice and her animations are really good! I would recommend her to anyone! Plant deserves more love and credit for her work, and I hope people will reward her with that!

  • @tish

    We are not just friends she is my baby sister and she is a wonderful singer and a pretty darn talented voice actress. (Her voice was MADE for the classic tsundere anime character.)