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    About Band Camp Boyfriend - A Marching Band Visual Novel

    THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO AUDITIONED! With over FIVE HUNDRED auditions, we had tons of talent to sort through and a very difficult decision to make. We greatly appreciate each and every one of you for taking an interest in our project and wish you the best of luck in your pursuit of voice acting! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


    With that said, here they are…the cast of Band Camp Boyfriend!


    Tom: Dr. Bonehead (BTVA)

    Peter: HeroicRoxas (Email)

    Clark: Dr. Bonehead (BTVA)

    Samuel: AxisCardinal (BTVA)

    Poptart: Jared the Auditioner (CCC)

    Doug: Mugen26 (CCC)

    Garth: chosenheroarrives (BTVA)

    Mr. Wiley: KibaTheKute (BTVA)

    Susie: Glados’Voice (BTVA)

    Felicity: Mello-Knight (BTVA)

    Marian: InvokeArt13 (BTVA)

    Alex: saru4life (CCC)

    Aaron: thegoldengirls (CCC)

    Olive (Angryphone): Shizuka-Nee (BTVA)

    Sabrina: Xandra Fox (BTVA)



    Understudies – We have decided to pass on understudies unless the need arises.


    I’m sorry to say that we decided to drop the Vocalist from the cast—we would like to do something different for the recording of the alma mater. Instead of having a solo singer, we are going to have the cast sing it in character for a kickstarter bonus. Thank you for your understanding and I’m sorry for taking up your time if you auditioned for it.


    If you didn’t make the cut, there will be a second casting call come 2018! It will include another major character and a few minor characters. In the event that any of the above cast has to drop out, it will also have any characters that need recasting.


    To everyone who did make the cut—congratulations! We are so excited to embark on this adventure with you all! Thank you for lending us your incredible talent and we’ll be in touch with you soon. Make sure to leave us your email in the comments below so we can contact you properly.


    If you’d like to keep up with any project updates, feel free to visit our Lemmasoft thread or follow us on Tumblr at bandcampboyfriend.tumblr.com!




    (6/1/17) ... This is my last update. I will be leaving for vacation soon and not be around in our final week together. Make sure you get your auditions in if you haven't already because there will be NO EXTENSIONS! We will be casting when I return. Expect roles to start going up on Sunday the 11th. Good luck. :)

    Update (5/21/17): We decided to cast the female characters since we felt we found what we were looking for and didn't want to drag it out until the deadline. Thank you to everyone who has auditioned or shown interest so far! 

    BTVA Link: http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/members/Mello-Knight/casting-call/Band-Camp-Boyfriend-A-Marching-Band-Visual-Novel/

    Welcome to Band Camp!

    Band Camp Boyfriend is a GxB otome visual novel filled with romance, comedy, drama, suspense, and even a bit of horror. There are 7 dating options with a range of personalities and appearances. 

    In it, you play as Cadence, a junior in high school who is starting her first year as drum major of the Blue Mountain Bandits Marching Band from Southern Pennsylvania. It is also the band's first year with a new band director, Mr. Victor Wiley. The band is filled with colorful characters and the bachelors' personalities resemble the stereotypes of the instrument they play. For example, Peter the trumpeter boasts a big ego while Clark the clarinetist is a no-nonsense perfectionist.

    This is the first year the Blue Mountain Bandits will be going away to a literal camp for their two weeks of marching band. As anyone in marching band knows, Band Camp is full of blood, sweat, and tears. So do your best to stay alive and find love in this exciting homage to the crazy experience that is marching band!

    If you'd like more information, feel free to visit our Lemmasoft thread: https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=43874

    The Demo for Band Camp Boyfriend is currently in development!

    If you are interested in auditioning, please understand we are not offering payment at this point in time, but there WILL be payment down the road when work for the full game begins. We're paying later because 1. The full script isn't done yet so we don't have a clear estimation of how many lines we want voiced and 2. How much money we make off the kickstarter will influence how much we can afford to pay and therefore, how much voice work we include. 

    PAY: $1 per line! 

    Aside from money, those who make the cut will also receive a free download of the game along with free swag! Hooray!

    The final game will be partially voiced, regardless of funds collected in the Kickstarter. The style would be similar to the newer Fire Emblem games where characters have a collection of stock phrases, expressions, etc. that they utter throughout the game. Although it will be a bit more extensive than that as characters will be given unique lines of dialogue at important moments. We do not have an estimation as to what we can afford to pay actors yet, but we do know we will be paying a flat fee per character. The fee will vary from character to character depending on how large the role is.

    This project is not demanding in the sense that there is not a great amount of recording involved. But fair warning that we will be more picky than normal with line redos and mic quality, since this is going toward a professional level project. 

    At this stage of production you would be committing to:

    -Recording a small pool of 10-20 catchphrases/vocal expressions for your character(s)
    -A short prequel video which will be an exclusive on the Kickstarter Digital OST Reward (Expected to clock out at around 5 minutes).
    -Taking part in a "How to Survive Band Camp" promotional video, mainly featuring Mr. Wiley and Alex.
    -Tom and Poptart will also receive special secret projects.

    That being said, being cast in multiple roles is possible, so long as your voices for two characters are distinct enough. Please audition for as many roles as you see fit, and be sure to read the descriptions for personality notes. 

    *Line 1 is a collection of short sounds and phrases so make sure to put some space between each one. Feel free to improvise any other exclamations you feel would suit the character!
    *Line 2 is a fairly casual phrase.
    *Line 3 is a wild card. Sometimes I couldn't decide between certain lines so there is more than one crammed in there, marked by a "..." between phrases.

    There could possibly be callbacks if we can't decide between two or three people for a role. We will also be casting understudies. 

    DEADLINE: JUNE 10th. 

    Keep in mind there are also auditions taking place on BTVA. If you have any additional questions concerning the portrayal of a certain character, we would be more than happy to answer them in the comments section! Good luck!

    -The Burton Sisters

    About the Creator: mello-knight

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold