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    About Supporting Cast Scratch VAs Needed!

    Outcast Hero is my animated sci-fi feature film baby. Here's the 'elevator pitch':

    Muxlowe Daemyn has three days to save his homeworld.

    Unfortunately for him, he's just been thrown off it.


    With his ability to generate energy having earned him fame across the multi-systems, chimerite hero Muxlowe Daemyn thinks he is unbeatable. At least until the morning he wakes to discover he's inexplicably taken on another form. With no chance to protest, Muxlowe finds himself branded and expatriated - heading straight into the clutches of the most feared species of his generation. Now it's a race against time for Muxlowe and his companions to seek out the cause of his change of species, and its ties to a greater threat that looms over Planet Tagen.


    But it sure isn't easy trying to save the world when you're not quite yourself.

    It's been in production for a while (I'm a one-person production team, eheh) and is currently in its latter development phase, where I run it through a small test screener group and refine areas of the movie to make them function better. So why am I here? Animatics function better with scratch track - that bundle of temporary vocals and music that give the test audience an idea of how the final product might run.

    Here's where you come in.

    I'm hoping some of you fine voice wranglers may be interested on joining me on this crazy ride, in lending your skills to a few of the supporting roles in order to make this animatic sound less trying to be everyone and more like what the characters SHOULD sound.

    There are multiple roles available for news reporters/anchorpersons/fans/crowd members etc. that will not be listed here because no specific voices are required, just good acting and enthusiasm. Message me if you'd like to tackle one of those!


    I'll make this clear from the get-go: These are not guaranteed to be the characters' final voices. I made the mistake last time I did this (yeah, there was an animatic 1.0) of forgetting to tell those who helped me, that their recordings were just for use on the animatic. This does not rule out the possibility that your voice could be so fitting that I ask you whether you'd be up for voicing the character in the final film. It happens on studio movies all the time!

    I have no payment to offer at this time. Please only get involved in the project if you:

    1. Really like the sound of it and want to help it along

    2. Just generally love to voice act

    (having both is ideal!)

    However I will do my best to show you your recordings in situ on the animatic. I won't be able to allow these recordings to be used as part of portfolios, due to the project being unfinished.

    If you don't like referring to audio guides, the possibility of multiple retakes or generally being critiqued in any way (this might sound weird but I've worked with people like that so bear with me), it's best you don't audition for this project. I will supply audio guides if a VA isn't quite hitting the emotion in a line that I was looking for.

    Recording for the animatic will take place from 1st-25th January 2017

    Want to give it a shot? Excellent! And thank you SO MUCH for your interest. Outcast Hero has done a lot for me and means a lot to me, so the fact you'd be interested to contribute to that is really appreciated.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold