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Addisonnowack's Production Credits
About A Code Lyoko audio Drama "Back to Reality"

“Back to Reality” is a Code Lyoko fanfiction audio drama that follows after season 4. It is made by the fans of Code Lyoko for the fans of Code Lyoko. This podcast series is followed up after season 4 (and this is not a Code Lyoko: Evolution remake). 

"Back to Reality" takes place in another school year at Kadic Academy. The former Lyoko Warriors have terminated Xana, a diabolical artificial intelligence, and shut down the supercomputer that controls the virtual world, Lyoko. Now, the Lyoko Warriors must return to their normal routines while facing critical challenges that impact the gang as they go back to reality. Along the way, they will meet new friends that will support them through all of the ups and downs. Will they learn to stick together through all of the tragedies and challenges they face?

Casting Call Rules:

1.You must used a Blue Snowball Microphone or any high-tech mic that

requires excellent audio-quality.

2.Reduce noise and static before you record and submit your audio clip.

3.Don't edit and add sfx to your audition clip (that will be the

audio editor's job when we have a full cast); Anyone who posts their

edited audition clip will be automatically rejected.

4.Always turn in your audition clip by the end of the casting call deadline.

5.If you're an experience VA, make sure you list a couple of previous

roles from other projects that you have done on your profile page.

6.Have fun!

What will you do in this project?:

It's quite simple, I, Addison Nowack, director, producer, head writer,

and talent scout of the Nowack Company, will produce the show on

Spreaker.com hopefully before summer starts.

You, the actors and singers, must make five takes of you saying your

lines from your script (if casted in the show) and turn them back to

me by the end of the actor's deadline.

How long is this show?:

There are 20 episodes in this season, each episode is 15 minutes long.

We're looking for professional and aspiring actors, who can star in an audio drama series. We're

going for 4 seasons; approximately about 2 to 4 years long.

When do we turn in our audio clips?:

Actors and singers have two weeks to record their lines in audio clips

and must turn them in by the end of the first week for reviews and if

you got a message from me or the audio editor saying you have to

revise it then remake it by the end of the second week.

Do we get paid?:

We honestly don't know if Back to Reality will be popular and

successful enough yet, so we're going start this producing this show

as a non-profit project and see how it will turn by the time we get to

season three. But I started the Nowack Company last Fall and I don't

have a lot of experience in producing a Radio or Podcast shows, so

we're planning on being a non-profit production and building up


The project cover and character artwork is design by: @Sean M.D.

About the Creator: addisonnowack

Hello, my name is Addison Noland, (not Nowack, Nowack was just a temporary stage name.) I'm the founder, director, and head writer of Team Addison. I have no experience in making podcasts since I just heard about it but I'm aspired to make audio drama. I was an actor for 5 school plays and I took Radio/TV Broadcast for one school year. When I discover podcast, that one seven minute soap episode inspired me to make podcast shows.

 Team Addison is a comic dub and podfic production. We will make fan comic dubs on YouTube and original and fanfic podfics on AO3. At first, I thought about just making podfics because I love the idea of making audio books for fanfic readers since I found that fandom is international and I thought about my mom's love of soap operas. She had been watching soaps since she was a young girl, her favorite soaps were All My Children and One Life to Live. (The soaps ended about a few years.) What inspired to make an audio adaptation podfics is because I want to challenge myself and have more than just one voice actor reading fanfiction. Trying to find voice actors is difficult because they're hanging out on popular YouTube videos, comic dubs. So, I decided to climb aboard and take the leap of faith in the comic dub express.

We are open to experience and unexperience voice actors who are willing to collaberate with us and make content together. Uploading audition tracks will only appear here at Casting Call Club, rehearsal takes will only be uploaded on email, mediafire, or dropbox. Cast and Crew updates and meeting reminders will be sent to you via email.

If you have any questions about our casting call, productions, or payment please message me on here.