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About AddisonNowack

Hello, my name is Addison Noland, (not Nowack, Nowack was just a temporary stage name.) I'm the founder, director, and head writer of Team Addison. I have no experience in making podcasts since I just heard about it but I'm aspired to make audio drama. I was an actor for 5 school plays and I took Radio/TV Broadcast for one school year. When I discover podcast, that one seven minute soap episode inspired me to make podcast shows.

 Team Addison is a comic dub and podfic production. We will make fan comic dubs on YouTube and original and fanfic podfics on AO3. At first, I thought about just making podfics because I love the idea of making audio books for fanfic readers since I found that fandom is international and I thought about my mom's love of soap operas. She had been watching soaps since she was a young girl, her favorite soaps were All My Children and One Life to Live. (The soaps ended about a few years.) What inspired to make an audio adaptation podfics is because I want to challenge myself and have more than just one voice actor reading fanfiction. Trying to find voice actors is difficult because they're hanging out on popular YouTube videos, comic dubs. So, I decided to climb aboard and take the leap of faith in the comic dub express.

We are open to experience and unexperience voice actors who are willing to collaberate with us and make content together. Uploading audition tracks will only appear here at Casting Call Club, rehearsal takes will only be uploaded on email, mediafire, or dropbox. Cast and Crew updates and meeting reminders will be sent to you via email.

If you have any questions about our casting call, productions, or payment please message me on here.