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Forever Night's Previously Completed Works

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    About Attack on titan ABRIDGED

    Who am I?

    Well I'm a YouTuber and I want I be a voice actor. I'm new to this platform but I still want to create something. I have a YouTube channel named Forever Night or formerly known as Lilica Arine. I am most famous for tripping in a fourth grade project.....everyone laughed at me.....I have a ton of ideas for anime and abridged series. I have a short temper but abridged series always put me in a good mood. I love Attack on Titan and RWBY. I have a low voice and for a pre-teen I honestly sound older. If you've watched That 70's Show then I basically sound like Donna. 

    What is this about?
    I'm planning to make this a child friendly comedy. But words such as hell, crap, damnit, are allowed. This story will be based on the actual series but made into a comedy. So all of season one. I will be acting as Hanji because she is most like me and honestly looks like me. 

    What do you need?
    Actually not a lot. A decent microphone (headset mics are allowed but no computer mics phone mics are now acceptable.), any age, Discord or email, and humor! The time schedule is very flexible. The only times we will meet up is on the weekend, because of school and work. Pregnant and sound in pain all the time? Don't worry about it, we can have someone fill in.  

    For the auditions, all you need to do it the lines that I give you, sound similar to the character but if you want to make the character sound similar but weirder then that's fine. For instance Armin, for all of you that have watched A slap on titan or Attack on titan Abridged by Teamfourstar then you'll know what I'm talking about. The auditions don't have to be absolutely perfect, Improvise! How do you think the Office got so funny? Have emotion unless of course your line or character says/acts with no emotion. Try to be loud but I understand if your not because Im not either. In the backround I would prefer little to no noise but if your cat is bugging you about something then thats fine. I have a soft spot for cats so you'll be lucky. I will give the discord link to all the people who get the roles. HAVE FUN WITH IT! Also don't be afraid to do like ALOT of improv. 

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold