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    About Cartoon Style ARTIST NEEDED!!!

    Artist Needed!


    My name is Tommy, and I'm starting a new Youtube Channel and a new series called -

    "Twaddle Time With Tommy"

    It is a Q&A style "comedy" podcast where veiwers send in their questions and I do my best to answer them. Because if there is one thing this world needs its another podcast!

    I've kind of ran into an obstical however.. You see, theres only a small hand full of things im good at in life. These things include talking, voice work, music, and audio editing. Unfortunatly, I'm tragiclly bad at art! 

    I'm looking for an artist to draw my display picture. I would like it to be in a fun, cartoony style. I dont mind the idea of it being in an Anime style.. as long as its not too over the top 'cheesy anime' style. If you feel the urge to draw me with spiky hair and goggles on my head.. dont! :P Here is a link to my Instagram so you can see what I look like - - If you're wondering which person is me.. Its the devilishly handsome English fellow with the thick square glasses.

    As for Payment,

    Ignore What It Says Bellow!

    I'm willing to offer £10 to the chosen artist, OR offer my services as a Voice Talent or Music Composser. 

    PAYMENT WILL BE THOUGH PAYPAL!! If you dont have PayPal then only the later two payment options are available to you. If you dont have PayPal but you still want the money.. then, i dont know.. sorry?

    ALL you need to do is...

    Provide a voice sample of you're self saying the following things - 

    - Your Name

    - Your Age

    - Where you are from

    - A description of your art style 

    Then Comment a link to your artwork. Diviantart or whatever i dont care.. 

    You may be wondering, "Umm Tommy, why have you put a call out for artists on a voice acting website? Are you some kind of moron?" and the answer to that question is no. The truth is that i'm actually a complete, utter, total donkey. And I find it difficult to navigate through the internet using my clumsy hooves... I just opened internet and hit the random button.


    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold