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About Another: The Other - Abridged One-Shot


This project is in the same category as what many would call "abridged" anime. However it is more of a parody on the anime, as I have changed the story a bit from the original. I will explain a bit later.
The anime I will be making a parody of is Another. Except it is only the OVA episode (known as episode 0), which is called "The Other".
I recommend you watch the episode if you want to voice this project (you don't have to, but it could give you a better idea of what is going on.) as well as the entire series, which is just 12 episodes long. Watch that first, then episode 0.

The Episode is basically the backstory of the mysterious Mei Misaki. She has a twin sister, but they were separated at birth. Mei was raised by a family whose name was Misaki, and her sister whose first name is Misaki was raised by a family whose name was Fujioka. As you can guess, it raises some confusion in the series, since they both share the name "Misaki", even though one has it as their first name, and THE OTHER has it as their last name. (see what I did there?)

In this episode Mei and Misaki meet up, go to around town for a bit, and then they go home. They have their shower scene bonding, they wrestle in the bed, you know, all that good sisterly love. As they go to sleep, Mei takes her eye patch off, which contains the eye that sees the colour of death. As she looks at her sister lying next to her, she has the colour of death on her, which means she is going to die soon. This of course freaks Mei out, but she doesn't say anything to Misaki.
The next day they go to a fairground. Mei does her best to keep Misaki away from men who could potentially be stabbers, and tries to protect her sister from harm's way. While on a Ferris Wheel, Misaki accidentally falls out the door of the cabin, but Mei grabs her hand and holds onto her sister until the Ferris Wheel reaches the ground.
As they apart from eachother in the evening, Misaki suddenly collapses onto the ground. We find out that she has had Leukemia for a while, and that it isn't looking good for her. Misaki dies, and we see Mei visiting her recently deceased sister in the section of the hospital where dead patients are stored, which we also see in Episode 1 of Another, but from the view of the Main character in the rest of the series.

Now my version is a bit different. First of all, Mei is pessimistic rather than just being quiet. Misaki still has the same kind of joking and silly personality as the original.

Second of all, the story plays out differently. The whole story is happening within a single day. Mei never sees that Misaki has the colour of death (even if her eyepatch IS taken off in a scene).  They meet up, go to the fairground, and then Misaki dies in the hospital after the ordeal.

Third of all, Mei has the ability to set things on fire (and make things explode?).

Fourth of all, she kills the main character of the Another series in the end of the parody.

And this is why I am not technically going to call it an "abridged version" of the original OVA.
I hope you don't have any problem with bad words :) I won't say any here, as I'm not sure if CCC allows it.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold