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About JuliaVA

Graduated BFA Theatre Performance student trying to make her way through life and pursue her passion for performing. Lover of all things acting related and living in her own world of fantasy. Interests include anime,
manga, D&D, video games, cosplay, movies, and more! 

I got my first start in voice acting here on Casting Call Club about three years ago. Since then, my passion as well as my skills in the area of voice over performance have only gotten better. Voice acting was always something I had wanted to try my hand at as I loved playing around with different voices and character work, and is something I have finally been given the opportunity to do.

I always give my all in every aspect of my
career and am very good at taking direction when prompted to see things and try
them from a different perspective. I have excellent work ethic and hope that I can
work with some of you other lovely actors and content creators soon! <3


Current Projects (In Alphabetical Order by Project Name):

Cocky Locky- Alchemist World (Video Game)

Arisa Koyama- Apocalyptic Dream (Visual Novel)

Ansula (Succubus)- Fragments: The Otome (Visual Novel)

Cheryl- Haunter of The Woods (Psychological Horror/Thriller)

Grieving Mother 2- Haunter Of The Woods (Psychological

Additional voices- Heartbreak (Video Game)

Renge- Kiss Kiss Productions (YouTube Channel)

Lillie- Lost Evocation (Video Game)

Multiple Characters- Malestom Obscura (Video Game)

Jaiden Jones- Palmwood Skies (Animated Series)

Tammy Holiday- Project Escapism (Visual Novel)

Hana/Emily/Katie- Rabbit Saviors (Animated Series)

Cenni [Faction Co-leader]- Secret Glider: Mission Virus
(2019-2020 All New Series)

Klea [Faction Rookie]- Secret Glider: Mission Virus
(2019-2020 All New Series)

Intro Voice- Stains of Society (Youtube Channel)

Poluto- Subjects (Comic)

Jenny Stocker-The Amazing Fox Girl (Audio Drama)

Ramia- The Boy Who Fell (Comic Dub)

Miakoda Frost- The Colors of Murder (Visual Novel/Murder
Mystery Game)

Officer Jenkins- The Shadow Files (Audio Drama)

Young Creepy Girl- The Shadow Files (Audio Drama)

Yumi- The Sword of the Cat (Video Game)

Serein- When the Wind Calls (Animatic)

Find me on Fiverr: https://www.fiverr.com/julesva?up_rollout=true 



George Brown College - 2020

Voice Acting Foundations

Instructed by
LU - 2021

BFA- Theatre Performance

Instructed by

Non-profit projects that I audition for I do not expect payment from if casted. Any commissioned work or requests pricing can be discussed among me and the client. I tend to be quite understanding and am willing to work with a range of budgets

What JuliaVA is looking for

My specialties and the main projects I do and have been cast in include Video Games and Visual Novels. I also do quite a lot of narrating work for a few Youtube Channels. I do accept all different types of work though and can adapt my voice to suit whatever your needs may be. Hope to work with you soon <3

  • @juno895

    WOW What a beautifully talented woman! She can do so many things! Even if it is just for fun she brings everything she has to the table! Super talented and super funny. She is super sweet, and always gets everything done as soon as she can! It's so great!

  • @becca_bailey

    Such a talented young woman!!! She's so nice to work with and I hope we can work together on more projects in the future

  • @fleebs

    Julia has a great work ethic and does a great job of playing the role of the Protagonist's Mother in my game. She has a great personality and works great with other people, and turns in work on as soon as possible and her microphone is perfect, required little to no audio editing!

  • @ignis-ferrum

    Julia is awesome! Not only is she amazing at voice acting, she is quite friendly and very easy to work with! I hope we work together going forward in other projects.

  • @mvjv1

    Julia is a great voice actor who can do many ranges of voices and emotions! She was very nice to work with, and I highly recommend her for any type of project you are working on!

  • @glintco

    JuliaVA is a great person to work with. Super kind and flexible. She has an amazing range and is willing to try and take on any role given to her! She is an amazing addition to a team and I love her work. Super hard working and skilled!