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Logan Thomas's Previously Completed Works

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    Q&A BELOW (will answer ALL questions)

    Where will this be posted? It will be posted on Youtube (one episode every week) and we hope to get it on Netflix after a completion of the first season (including two trailers)

    How long is it? The trailers will be 2-4 minutes long, the Pilot episode will be 30-45 minutes long, every episode after that will be approximately 20 minutes long

    What's it about? This series is about a group of teens (15-17 years old) who become the unlikeliest of friends over an unimaginable experience. In a small, boring, secluded town called Knotsville (located in the depths of Upstate, New York) six teens attend a high school halloween party, only to wind up stuck in an attic together. In the attic the kids learn that the paranormal really does exist and not all of them are friendly! The series follows this whacky group as they fight to find the truth about the secrets their seemingly innocent town holds, the scandals yet unknown to them and the secrets they all keep from each other all while ghost-hunting the bad and ghost-befriending the good. This is a drama, comedy, mystery, sci-fi for all to enjoy!

    What is it rated? Because of it's mature references and sometimes crude humor we are contemplating rating this R or pg-13. 

    Who are you? My name is Logan, I am 18 and the creator/writer/organizer of this animation. I have years of acting experience, have been awarded numerous times for my writing (short stories, entries, songs and scripts), have an abundance of singing experience and am a hard worker with a creative and open mind! 

    What are you looking for? I have a team of consultants who work behind the scenes (editing, installments, animators, co-writers, marketer, sound production, etc.) We are looking for voice actors for our latest project!! keep in mind whether you are chosen or not I WILL look back on your audition for future parts in future productions and contact you if I feel you are a good fit. If you can't audition due to mic quality or simply aren't a voice actor, that's okay! A position is now available as a co-writer! Keep in mind when applying for co-writer you are applying to join the CodeTwo team, meaning you are agreeing to working with us on not only this project but all future ones as well.

    What do you need? Voice-actors and a co-writer, but if you believe you can be of use to this team in any other way feel free to contact me and pitch yourself!

    What is required? Voice actors should read the lines given (below) in the best way you can, you may audition in as many voices as you please, Co-writer applicants should answer the "audition" questions under the co-writer role, introduce yourself (first name, age) and give us your answers!       
    What is the team's name? CodeTwo

    Will we get paid? Yes!! Every actor will be paid $3 per episode starting from episode 15. This is because we want to be sure you are fully committed to this production and will help make this is a success. The pay seems small but there will be many episodes and 3-5 seasons. Also, depending on the popularity rate this receives the pay can and probably will increase over time.

    What is this series called?!?! "KROD" (yes, it has meaning, two actually)

    Email? codetwocrew (@yahoo.com)

    Website? https://codetwo.webnode.com

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold