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    About American Harajuku CASTING

        American Harajuku is a story about detective Kazuma Tanazaki a detective for the Tokyo Police Department.  Detective Tanazaki is called into investigate the death of a young girl named Hana Kurosawa. Who's death is the result of an Otaku who is inspired by a disturbing manga.  The story is in the narrative style of the old Noir Genre but takes on the culture and visual style of anime. Sometimes Noir can be predictable and I think the story in ways is, we did not want to do a diservice to the original genre. The key is to make the story new and exciting in the way we tell it and interpret it. That comes  a lot from you the voice actor! I truly believe  we are creating the Noir genre as it's never been done before. 

         I do love getting a lot of auditions, but don't be shocked if I want to email you more lines for a call back so we can get a better idea of your sound. I only accept Mp3 files, send them to [redacted] with the title : Character. Line Number. I would prefer 3 takes of each line to show off your range. 

    (Have fun with lines, we're not married to anything, if you have a better idea, by all means try it out!) 

        Obviously we can't cast everyone who auditions, but please do understand , just because you are not cast does not mean you are not a good actor. There may be many reasons why you don't get cast (Especially for Kazuma). Needless to say, I and the production team thank all of you for your auditions. We want this to be a fun process and we know it can be. 

        Some reminders, I really like to run a tight ship in terms of deadlines. We have a lot to do in so little time. It is esential that you record your lines as well, and as punctually as you can. Also, your auditions and consideration for a part will not be considered unless you have a quality mic. Your voice will be recorded then animated to. If casted, we will be passing along information. I am an actors director, I like to have fun, but don't think for a minute that just because I don't scream and yell doesn't mean I don't expect the project to be successful.  There is work time and joking time, and they are seperate . Lastly, have a fun time recording this, we really can tell who's having fun and who's just doing it to get experience. 

    Sit back, relax and have fun, 

    The American Harajuku Production Team

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold