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About Algid Productions LLC

Algid Productions LLC is a renowned entertainment company dedicated to providing captivating experiences for audiences seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of the world. Comprising four thriving subsidiaries, we offer an extensive range of entertainment options, including, films animated shows and movies, video games, graphic novels, music, and podcasts. Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures that each of our productions delivers a unique and unforgettable escape for anyone seeking to indulge in the arts.


I will edit your audio for $2 per finished minute.

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  • @yerkagirl

    Steven is someone whose success I'm rooting for, because I am hoping to work with him again! A true professional with vision, clear and well-communicated opinions and directorship, and promptness when paying his talent for their VO work.

  • @maniacalz

    Very easy to work with, and very professional. Clearly takes pride in their work and produces very in-depth and heartfelt podcasts.

    Would definitely recommend anyone to work with him if they expect top-tier results!

  • @moorenarration

    Such a talented, creative, and fun person to collab with! Truly appreciate all of the support and kindness during our collabs together and will continue working with him in the future. 

  • @ross-k

    Out of Place Podcast I was a voice actor for a sketch on Steven's podcast 'Out of Place'. Easy to work for, good writer, and kept me updated upon release. Host to a aery professional podcast that I am happy to have played a small part in. I would recommened trying out for his show if you see an advert placed!

  • @ross-k

    I worked with Steven for a 2nd time when I had another small role in his Out of Place Podcast series, this time as part of The War of The World's Audio drama it featured. Produces really professional content, keeps you updated upon release, and properly links/credits his actors. His podcast is def one of the upper tier projects that get advertised on CCC that you will want to audition for.  Highly recommended.