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Mackdizzy's Previously Completed Works

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    About After Us: a Homestuck Ancestor Musical

    This project is a continuation of my Homestuck series; Homestuck in Musical form! This musical will specificity  center around the ancestors; it’s titled “After Us” After Emptyfeet’s animation of the same name! The musical will be published through YouTube and tumblr.

    The most important aspect to consider as an actor or a writer of this  project is COMMITMENT. This is a PARODY MUSICAL, which means it contains songs from already existing musicals with new (sometimes entirely rewritten) lyrics! You MUST be willing to learn new music and lyrics. After the audition will be a callback process, in which we will move to the app LINE. THE APP LINE IS 100% A REQUIREMENT TO  WORK ON THIS PROJECT. 

    I cast with the best interest of my show in mind. I expect you to have the same respect for this project as I do. This is a STRICTLY hate-free zone.

    The finished product is a musical with around 50 songs, published one by one and worked on roughly in order. I understand this project Is long, but I expect you to stay committed throughout. Ai expect to have the show casted by the end of February and the project done by the time the school year starts.

    Some reminders for you;

    I didn't forget about the Psiioniic; I'm taking the role myself!

    This musical is DARK, and contains DARK themes. There's no minimum age requirement, but please be able to cover serious topics. We go in-depth in slavery and cover some pretty hardcore executions. We also cover the rape scene that half the fandom pretends never happened. I mention in the audition which characters are involved with that; so you can avoid them if you'd like!

    About the Creator: mackdizzy

    Eyo! I'm a 16 year old gal using Casting Call to cast some projects in mine. I'm a vast fan of writing musicals and would adore to pursue a career in theatre direction. I'm also a total fangeek with a passion for Anime, Cosplay, and Conventions. Thanks for stopping by!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold