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Team Turnabout's Previously Completed Works

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About Ace Attorney: The Shield of Justice Voice Acting Auditions!

Hello all! I'm IKG Productions, the leader of Team Turnabout! We produce a non-profit Ace Attorney fan series on YouTube called The Shield of Justice! You can find information regarding the project in the biography section. The Shield of Justice has already started production and we have finished and released several episodes of the show. Fortunately, the project has several voice actors casted already. However, we are in need of many more actors for upcoming roles, both in the near and distant future. And so, we've turned to Casting Call Club!

My goal with the character descriptions is to be as clear and concise as I can be in estimating when the following characters are expected to be used in The Shield of Justice. On the whole, we are looking for dedicated participants who are willing to stick with us patiently and potentially wait for a long time to act their character. Please note that side content with no restrictions placed on canonical stories, such as Asinine Attorney episodes, may open up opportunities for some actors earlier than expected. Voice acting for TSoJ is not a large amount of work, as once a character is introduced in the story and begins to receive lines, the chosen actor will be given ample time to get their lines in with breaks between episodes, often by a couple months or more. The Shield of Justice is a complicated project with a lot of moving parts, but voice acting for the project won't be much work for one person. This is why we value commitment, patience, and communication so much!


-Team Turnabout operates via a Discord server. We require that all dev-team members have a Discord account and check the server frequently.

-Poor microphone quality can significantly hurt the reception of your audition. A Blue Snowball is recommenced as a minimum source of microphone audio quality.

-Multiple takes per audition are perfectly acceptable.

About the Creator: Team Turnabout

What is Team Turnabout?
We are a dedicated non-profit team of Ace Attorney fans who write, edit, voice act, and produce our main production, Ace Attorney: The Shield of Justice.

What is The Shield of Justice?
The Shield of Justice is very similar to our original airing on Team Turnabout (Retroactively called "Turnabout Classic"). Set in an alternate continuity to CAPCOM's official Ace Attorney series, the outcome of Zak Gramarye's trial goes in Mr. Wright's favor. As consequence, his life as a lawyer continues as usual. Elements from games post-AAI2 are implemented in an all new story for Phoenix and his colleagues! With that said, the plot pertains to a mass manipulator causing a string of murders throughout a short period of time. Phoenix, Apollo, Miles, Athena, and their assistants are each put to their limit in this engaging fan series!

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